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Animal Effect Cases

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Lawrencetown, Nova Scotia
January 6, 1974

Animal Behavior Feature:
Dog’s barking outdoors caused the witness to look out a window and see a hovering object. 

Joan Woodward, Animal Behavior Specialist:
Carl Nicholson, 15, was babysitting when at about 11:30 pm he heard his dog barking outdoors.  Looking out a window he saw an object hovering.  After an hour it appeared to land behind some trees, but was not seen to take off from that spot.  Carl called the RCMP and was interviewed by an officer, who believed the youth, but there was apparently no further investigation.

The actual shape of the object could not been seen, but it had four colored lights horizontally across it:  blue, yellow, green, and red.  Prior to landing, a large white light came on underneath the object.

No distance estimates were given.

No sound, EM effects, or physiological effects were mentioned.

Ledger, Don, 1998, Maritime UFO Files, Nimbus Publishing, Halifax, NS, p.99.

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