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North Huntington, PA
May 24, 1990

Animal Reaction Feature:
On a clear night in the town of North Huntingdon, a 35-year-old woman was walking her dog at about 11 p.m.  She noted the dog became still and quiet, and then she saw a  boomerang-shaped object approach, hover, and accelerate away.  Although the object was silent, the woman felt a vibration.

Joan Woodward, Animal Reaction Specialist:
A black-surfaced boomerang with bright white lights approached from the SW at less than 500 feet altitude.  At its nearest approach, it was estimated to be less than 500 feet away in horizontal distance.  The boomerang hovered about 150 feet from power lines and then accelerated away to the NE. 

The shape was described as a fat boomerang with inverted curvature of the base (bottom?ójw).  Numerous bright lights on the forward edge of the wings were noted to dim and then to brighten again.

No sound, no EM effects, and no physiological effects were reported.  A vibration was felt.

MUFON UFO DATABASE, Portion of Reports from the Files at MUFON Headquarters, July 1999, Sequin TX, CD-ROM, Case log 900704, by Wayne Willis and Stan Gordon.

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