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Canton, Ohio
October 1992

Animal Reaction Feature:
At 9 pm, two brothers, 8 and 11, were lying on the grass when they were alerted to the approach of a bullet-shaped object by the barking of a dog.   At its closest approach, the object was estimated at 500 feet in altitude or less and more than 500 feet away.  Elevation when nearest the witnesses was 20 degrees.   The only sounds reported were a “click” when searchlights on the object were retracted and a “whoosh” sound when the object departed upward.

Joan Woodward, Animal Reaction Specialist:
The two witnesses were considered very bright kids whose major interest was in sports.  The area of the sighting was described as a farm. No sky or weather information was given.

The object had a blunt, bullet shape. Rotating on its vertical axis, it approached and stopped over a vacant lot.  The rotation rate was 6-8 seconds per revolution.  The object had a deep red concave bottom with 3 searchlights spaced around the inside edge.  The top of the object glowed yellow-orange, and a band of bright white “windows” was located about halfway up the object.

As the object hovered over the vacant lot, the 3 searchlights rotated down.  Then the beams went off and the lights retracted with a “click.”   The object departed upward with a “whoosh” sound.  The duration of the sighting was about a minute.  On-site interview and measurements by investigator.

No EM effects or physiological effects were reported.

MUFON UFO DATABASE, Portion of Reports from the Files at MUFON Headquarters, July 1999, Sequin TX, CD-ROM, Case #931250J by Ronald Leach.

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