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Jefferson, Georgia
October 1997

Animal Reaction Feature:
Three outdoor dogs, ranging from 40-50 pounds, were described as normally “frisky” and as the types of dogs to go after something aggressively. One night these dogs were observed sitting in a small circle under a glowing ball.  They appeared nervously happy, their necks stretched upward, excited, but they would not break their sit.  The glowing ball was 5-7 feet off the ground and over the dogs’ heads.  It was the size of a softball and the intensity of a Christmas light.  Even after the light rose and blinked out, the dogs continued their sitting behavior.

Joan Woodward, Animal Reaction Specialist:
Arriving home about 10 p.m., a couple noticed a red glow in their yard, and observed the dogs and glowing red ball described above.  The wife finally walked toward the ball, and it moved up to about 25 feet and blinked out, though the dogs acted as if it were still there.

About 15 minutes later, the husband went to feed the dogs, and saw the light as it flew over the house, into the backyard.  It  flew into an adjacent field for about 500 feet where it appeared to land and vanished for good.

No sound, EM effect, or physiological effect reported.

Tom Sheets, 2002, Georgia red ball of light keeps dogs entertained, MUFON UFO Journal, #407, March 2002, page 11.

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