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Eight Saucers Land In Idaho?
July 3, 1947
St. Maries, Idaho

Fran Ridge:
July 3, 1947; 6 mi west of St. Maries, Idaho
Mrs. Walter Johnson of Dishman, Idaho, and nine other witnesses near St. Maries, observed eight objects land on a mountainside at Butlers Bay on the St. Joe River. According to Mrs. Johnson the saucers came into view at an extreme speed traveling south to north and suddenly slowed, then fluttered like leaves to the ground in timber. Ted Bloecher suggested that this report should have been among those in the Air Force files because it had been reported to intelligence officers from the Spokane Army Air Base, and an intensive air search was carried out by two missions of the National Guards 116th Fighter Group. Local sheriffs deputies also made a  ground search, but since no apparent trace of the objects was found, a report was probably never forwarded to Wright Field in Dayton. (Bloecher)

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