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The Dale Landing Case
June 14, 1964
Dale, Indiana

Updated: 17 May 2019 *
Fran Ridge:

June 14, 1964; Dale, Indiana
8:35 p.m. Charles Englebrecht (18) reported he was watching TV when the house lights and TV suddenly went out.  He noticed that a small bright orange-colored basketball-sized object had landed in his back yard. As he went out the side door and tried to approach the object he felt as if he was being "held back". After a few seconds the sphere took off and went over the nearby barn. Several items in the backyard had been moved (lawn mower, chicken feeder, etc.). The potential here is the object being a UFO "probe" or a manifestation of "ball lightning". (Investigated by William Powers and Fran Ridge/Indiana Unit No. 1 NICAP; Fold 3)

Detailed reports and documents
640624dale_report.htm (Fran Ridge)
reports/64_06_14_IN_LCEMF_CE2.pdf (MUFON Copy, Robert Powell) *
19640614Dale,IN_2010_ICCRA_Conference.pdf (Charles Kiesel)
1964-06-8724935-Dale-Indiana.pdf (BB files)
1964-06-6977638-Dale-Indiana-8872-.pdf (BB files)
1964_06_14_US_IN_Dale.pdf [news clippings] (Barry Greenwood)

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