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Cherry Creek (Butcher) Trace Case
August 19, 1965
Cherry Creek, New York

Joan Woodward:
August 19, 1965; Cherry Creek, New York
8:20 p.m. (approx) Harold Butcher, 16, was operating the milking machine when the radio had static-like interference and the tractor motor running the milking machine cut off. The bull made a noise “like I have never heard come from an animal before.” Harold looked out the window at the bull, which was trying to get lose, and he saw an elliptical object nearing the ground with a “beep-beep” sound about a quarter of a mile away (1320 feet). After hovering briefly on or near the ground, the object shot up into low clouds. As the object rose, the noise pitch increased to a level approximating a sonic boom. The cows produced only one can of milk that evening rather than the normal 2 ½ cans. Later examination of the bar to which the bull was secured found it bent.

Fran Ridge:
Cat. 3: This incident involved EM effects. A tractor motor shut down, the barn radio and house radio had static-like interference but a telephone between the barn and house apparently worked.
Cat. 4: The object was metallic-looking, football shaped, and estimated to be 50 feet long and 20 feet thick. A reddish vapor was emitted from the bottom area and when the object rose, the red vapor shot toward the ground and bounced back toward the object. The clouds had a greenish glow where the object had vanished. At 9 p.m. the object was seen again by several people at the farm. It now had a glowing yellow vapor trail. The clouds still appeared to have a green glow. State police were called and investigated and the Air Force investigated.
Cat. 5: Physiological effects included Harold and his younger sister having upset stomachs, and the cows giving less than normal amounts of milk.
Cat. 6: Physical traces included an odor, ground marks, a purple liquid, and grass bent over and singed.
Cat. 9: Recently found documents show the object was tracked by radar.

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