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Wingless Craft Blocks Road / "Man" Observed
March 23, 1966
Temple, Oklahoma

Updated: 20191222
Brad Sparks:
March 23, 1966.  8 mi S of Temple, Okla. (at 34°10’ N, 98°15’W).  5:05 a.m. (CST).  Sheppard AFB civilian instructor and pilot, former newspaper publisher, William Eddie Laxson was driving W on US Hwy 70 when he found the road, about ½ mile W of Hwy 70 – Hwy 65 junction, blocked by a wingless aircraft, perch fish-shaped, landed in the road, about 75 ft [60-70 ft] long, nearly 8 ft high on 3 ft tall landing gear, 12 ft wide (thick), with a plexiglass bubble on top, 2 ft diameter porthole, 4 fyt tall door, bright lights forward and aft, silver or aluminum color.  Laxson stopped his car about 240 ft [300? ft] away (by measured distance after the sighting) and walked toward the object to 160 ft [80 ft] away, noticing a labeling on its side like "TLA138" or "TLA738" (or "TL 4768" or “TL4138”).  He saw a "man" wearing a baseball cap or mechanic's hat in AF-like green military fatigues uniform inspecting the underside with a flashlight then climbed steps or ladder on the object and soon after it lifted off vertically with a hissing or drilling sound to a height of 50 ft it , seen for about another 10-30 secs as it headed off SE (SSE) at about 720 mph.  Laxson ran back to his car to get a camera but the object lifted off.  Electrostatic effect on arm hair as UFO took off.  No landing traces.  Laxson found another witness, truck driver C. W. Anderson stopped 1-1/2 miles to the W down the Hwy 70 road who reported having been followed by the UFO then saw it stop or land then leave again.  Another truck driver witness (not named) was located by Laxson and the same or another Bob Stoll located by truck transport owner. (Sparks;  BB files;  NICAP/Fran Ridge;  Greenwood/CUFOS;  Hynek UFO Rpt pp. 208-210; Vallée Magonia 734)140 Full Moons

Fran Ridge:
This one is really strange. Even Blue Book listed this as an unknown. I wonder if this is what Lawson really saw or what somebody wanted him to see?The Blue Book docs mention the other witness. This incident occurred two years after the Socorro landing/entity case. Brad Sparks mentions that Laxson was an AF civilian employee of Sheppard AFB, a pilot with 8,000 hours flying time (unclear as to how much as pilot) and an electronics instructor at the base.

Detailed reports and documents
reports/660323temple_report.htn (Dan Wilson & Bill Schroeder)
docs2/660323_CUFOS_report.pdf (CUFOS_Greenwood)

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