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Early Humanoid Report
June 1923
Mt. Erie, Wayne County, Illinois

Fran Ridge:
June, 15 (??) ,1923; Northern Wayne County, Illinois
Norman Massie, 85, told his son in the USAF about a UFO he had seen when he was 10 on the family farm.  He opened the gate to let the horses into the pasture and then looked back down the field and there was an object with lights all around it. He kept walking closer to the object until he got about 50 feet away and then stood there and watched five men who were on board. The machine was metallic and stood on three legs. The top was a dome with holes in it. As he got close enough he could hear the men speak. One man sat in a chair and the others called him the commander. Four others made trips back and forth in the ship. Then, one of the crew members told the commander that the repairs had been made. The whole experience lasted about five minutes. In a matter of minutes, he said, it came to a hovering position; the tripod legs telescoped up into the belly of the thing, went straight up about 200 feet and whizzed off to the west like a bullet.

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