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UFO With Occupant
Aug. 1952
Seat Pleasant, Maryland

Fran Ridge:
August, 1952; Seat Pleasant, Maryland
Sometime in August, 1952 during the major UFO sighting wave of that year, Mrs. Suzanne E. Knight, a young housewife and mother, saw a UFO at close range with what appeared to be an occupant aboard. At about 9:30 p.m. on that hot summer evening, Mrs. Knight was in her kitchen when she heard a peculiar "bzzt" noise, apparently against the screen of the kitchen window. The noise was repeated several times and thinking it was a large insect, she went to the window and looked out. [See detailed version below *] ( NICAP New Look, Section VII)

Detailed reports and documents
5208XXseat_pleasant_report (Fran Ridge/NICAP).htm *
1952_08_00_US_MD_Seat_Pleasant_CE3 (Barry Greenwood).pdf

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