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Domed Disc / Occupants
April 1, 1954
Menton, France

Fran Ridge:
April 1, 1954;
2:40 a.m. The witness heard a clanking sound, then saw a five-meter wide domed disc land. Two human-looking occupants left the craft. The witness was paralyzed by a beam of light. (Source: Larry Hatch, U computer database, case 3317)

Mike Swords:
This report comes from Lumieres Dans La Nuit #126 (June/July 1973.) Report by one J. Chasseigne (of whom I have not heard --- doubtless others have.).  From LDLN the report was translated by Gordon Creighton into FSR.  From there David Webb saw it and placed it into HUMCAT.  How Hatch got it I don't know. This latter is of some mild interest as the LDLN report does not list "Menton" as the location, but a small village on the Cote d'Azure (unnamed.) The April 1st date is also not given, but instead "sometime in the spring of 1954." One should also remember that although this is a French 1954 case with humanoids, this is not in the period of the wave (which was late in that year) and it is being reported 20 years later. Witness insists upon anonymity. To avoid some likely confusion, the narrative makes clear that the paralysis of the witness was not associated, as is usual, by a beam coming from the craft, but rather from a beam coming from a belt device. The references are all of one nature (i.e. the later merely copying the earlier.) They are (again):
1). LDLN #126, June-July 1973, pp.8-10.
2). FSR vol.21, #2, 1975, pp.17-18.
3). HUMCAT (my copy of the original Bloecher-Webb entry form.)The LDLN article contains drawings of the craft and entities which the others do not have.
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