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Blond Humanoid Reported By Airport Guard
Sept. 21, 1954
Santa Maria Airport, Azores

Brad Sparks:
Sept. 21, 1954; Santa Maria Airport, Azores (BBU 3224)
9:45 p.m. Airport guard saw a 10 ft x 5 ft light metallic blue, pecan-shaped object with a clear glass or plastic nose and door, poles or aerials on the nose, humming or whining as it hovered, then land vertically 50 ft away. A blond man, 5 ft 10 in tall appeared, spoke in a strange language, patted the guard on the shoulder, got in the object, hooked up his harness, pushed a button, took off with the object's nose pointed up, then leveled off and climbed vertically. (Berliner)

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reports/540921santamaria_report.htm (Dan Wilson & Bill Schroeder)

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