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Figure Standing On Revolving Object
Oct. 8, 1957
Nabouwalu, Bua, Fiji Islands

Carl Feindt:
Oct.8,1957; Nabouwalu, Bua, Fiji Islands
3:00 p.m. Two middle-aged couples saw an object that came down from the sky near the island of Nawaca [sic-Nawaka], eight miles away from Nabouwalu, southwest of Viti Levu. The witnesses were in a punt1 with an outboard motor, and when they saw the object, they first thought it was an airplane in trouble and decided to go near it. As the Fijian[s] came closer, they found it hovering about 20 feet above the sea and it appeared to be revolving. The witnesses said they picked out what looked like a figure of a man standing on the outside of the object. This figure shone a very bright light on their boat which was so powerful that they were dazzled and "felt weak." When the boat was about five chains from the rotating object, the figure disappeared and the object then rose in a rapid vertical movement and was soon out of sight. The newspaper is said to have emphasized that all four agreed on the details, that they lived in a fairly isolated area "without access to comic books or other literature on flying saucers." The witnesses['] statement was obtained by R. O. Aveling, an official of a local Adventist Church, who, in the night of the sighting by the four Fijians, had seen a light, apparently at an altitude of 5.000 feet, between the islands Beqa and Viti Levu. This light was at first stationary, then started sliding slowly through the sky for about five minutes, then vanished entirely, although there were no clouds. (Rullan; Website: UFOs at Close Sight)

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