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Huge Cigar Observed With "Entities"
The Carribean, near Cuba

Carl Feindt:
The year was 1958. Grusinski was only 18, a crew member on the USS Aircraft Carrier Franklin D. Roosevelt, cruising the Carribean (sic) near Cuba.     Notes Grusinski, "I was down below when I was told to go topside to see something strange," says Chester, now 56. "So I went up and couldn't believe my eyes.......I saw a bright white ball of light. It headed straight for us, getting bigger and brighter. It was spherical, approximately 75 to 100 feet long. It turned red orange and I could feel the heat on my face." As this was going on, the man on watch was yelling into the intercom for an officer to get up on deck. Grusinski continues, "I could see silhouettes of figures looking at us. They had no features and you could tell they weren't human. Then the bottom turned cherry red and it vanished in a flash." 

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