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Flying Dome Photographed
July 20, 2014
Antioch, Tennessee

Fran Ridge:
July 20, 2014; Antioch, Tennessee
6:30 PM CST.  The witness had left the dog on the deck while inside cooking on this clear sunny day.  Being in the flight path of many airplanes, the dog usually barked at them flying overhead because they got relatively close. Suddenly the witness heard he dog barking unusually aggressive. After walking outside and looking in the direction the dog was looking, there it was, hovering in the SE sky. It hovered for about 5 minutes, then gained altitude to above an airplane's normal cruising height. He and his neighbors saw three "propellant glows" behind it in pyramid form that looked somewhat similar to the Space Shuttle Endeavor. It headed towards the east, getting smaller and smaller, and ultimately looked like a nighttime star, then completely disappeared. He has 5 pictures, but only submitted one. Under investigation. (MUFON 58224).

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