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Four Mystery Photos Of Hovering Object
Summer of 1953
Near Cincinnati, Ohio

Leonard Stringfield:
Summer of 1953; Near Cincinnati, Ohio
Dawn. Each of the four photos show an object about 200 feet above a ridge of trees....Picture #1 shows a blackish cloud of smoke encompassing an apparent metallic object. The tapered basal portion of the object is illuminated by a bright light while at the opposite end facing skyward is another illumination.......The smoke behaves anomalously, which, according to the observer, "seemed to be coming from the bottom of the object and being suctioned in at the top. The smoke drifted away, but not as smoke usually does, but towards the ground and hung together in sort of an egg-shaped cloud.".....Picture #2. shows  the smoke having cleared. In view is a flat octagon-shaped object about 40 feet in diameter. In the center of the octagon's under surface is a bright light from which is suspended a small. ovate device. The octagon swung "like a. pendulum." in its curved upward course......The observer adds, he thought he heard a strange humming noise. (Barry Greenwood)

Fran Ridge:
The basis for this story can be found in a note from Leonard Stringfield, an attached item from an April 1954 CRIFO newsletter from Barry Greenwood, linked below. Further evidence is shown in the Project Blue Book June 1953 Sightings (indexed as 2582 *). If anyone has any information or photos pertaining to this incident please contact me. My most current email address and phone can be found on the NICAP web page at nicapbriefing.

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