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The Nellis Range UFO Video / Radar Case
Late autumn, 1994
Nellis AFB, Nevada

Fran Ridge:
Late Autumn, 1994; Nellis AFB, Nevada
Late afternoon. At a remote location in the Nevada desert, a small team of personnel were sitting inside a trailer observing a series of radar displays. Their routine operations were suddenly broken when their attention was directed to a slow-moving object, behaving in a peculiar manner, which had been detected approaching the trailer site from the South-west. The operator turned his camera, and the object came into view; an indistinct blob moving slowly in front of the distant mountain range. Drawing on his experience of working on the range for several years, he thought it was a helicopter, because it was moving very slowly. His female assistant, catching sight of the object on the monitor display, suggested it might be some debris, drifting in the breeze. But it seemed to be moving in a controlled manner, and not just drifting. There was something peculiar about this object. The Nellis Range UFO video is unique among those in the public domain in that an unidentified anomalous flying object was apparently not only captured in close-up, but also included overlaid radar position data and a time stamp, permitting precise calculation of the trajectory and flight characteristics. Voices of the military range operators can also be heard. We wish to thank Martin Powell for his permission to mirror and/or copy his site pages. Both search engine text files on our site and links to his complete site with images and sound bytes are provided below.

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