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RADCAT is a revitalized special project now being conducted jointly by NICAP & Project 1947 with the help and cooperation of the original compiler of RADCAT, Martin Shough, to create a comprehensive listing of radar cases with detailed documentation from all previous catalogues, including UFOCAT and original RADCAT.

Radar Visual Near AEC Plant
June 21, 1952
Oak Ridge, Tennessee

Brad Sparks:
June 21 [23?], 1952; Oak Ridge [Marxville?], Tenn. (BBU)
10:58 p.m. GOC post spotted target, confirmed by ADC radar, followed by F-47 fighter interception of a 6-8-inch white blinking light which made ramming attacks on the F-47 from 10,000 to 27,000 ft. (Ruppelt p. 43)

Capt. Edward J. Ruppelt:

June 21, 1952; Oak Ridge, Tennessee
10:58 p.m. A Ground Observer Corps spotter reported that a slow-moving craft was nearing the AECs Oak Ridge Laboratory, an area so secret that it is prohibited to aircraft. The spotter called the light into his filter center and the filter center relayed the message to the ground control intercept radar. They had a target. But before they could do more than confirm the GOC spotter's report, the target faded from the radarscope. An F-47 aircraft on combat air patrol in the area was vectored in visually, spotted a light, and closed on it. They "fought" from 10,000 to 27,000 feet, and several times the object rnade what seemed to be ramming attacks. The light was described as white, 6 to 8 inches in diameter, and blinking until it put on power. The pilot could see no silhouette around the light. The similarity to the Fargo case was striking. ("Report on Unidentified Flying Objects", Ruppelt).

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