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UFO incidents with potentially nuclear connections (Category 10) can originally be any Category class (including distant and close encounters). Those NC cases involving radar are listed as Cat 9 or RADCAT status but are flagged on the DBase as "NC".  DBase entries show both Cat numbers and the NC field flag.

Base "Loses" 50 Missiles
October 23, 2010
Cheyenne, Wyoming

Fran Ridge:
October 23, 2010; F.E. Warren Air Force Base, Cheyenne, Wyoming
On this date, and the day following, sources at the base reported multiple sightings by “numerous [Air Force] teams” of an enormous cigar-shaped craft maneuvering high above the missile field. The huge UFO was described as appearing similar to a World War I German Zeppelin, but had no passenger gondola or advertising on its hull, as would a commercial blimp.  On the same day, the missile site temporarily lost the ability to communicate with 50 of its Minuteman III nuclear missiles. The five Missile Alert Facilities responsible for launching those ICBMs in time of war­, Alpha through Echo, comprising the 319th Strategic Missile Squadron­ would have been unable to do so during the period of the disruption. The Air Force then quickly acknowledged the problem, saying that a back-up system could have launched the missiles and that the breakdown had lasted a mere 59 minutes. According to two missile technicians stationed at F.E. Warren, the communications problem, while intermittent, lasted several hours. The confidential Air Force sources further report that the commander of the squadron sternly warned its members not to talk to journalists or researchers about “the things they may or may not have seen” in the sky near the missiles in recent months and threatened severe penalties for violating security.  (Robert Hastings)

Rob Duvall:
In 2010 I got an email from a very excited Robert Hastings regarding the Warren base event(s). He was chasing down the facts of what occurred - absolutely necessary. Right away I was chasing down what led to it. It was very difficult to find, but I had some leads to chase and some of them took me over to the UK of all places. It was a twisted endeavor but it did come out through some dogged investigation. G W Bush had floated this idea of Reliable Replacement Warheads after being courted by nuclear scientists trying to revitalize a dying industry. In the fall of 2010 Obama got Congress to fund it. The public really was not aware of the scope of the matter nor had any say in it anyway, though we should. In December of 2010 the Warren incident happened - an unprecedented number of warheads were monkeyed with. To this day I don't know the numbers because right away obfuscation of facts went into action. Intelligence got involved right away. I had to dog through Congressional budget records to find the funding - it was not easy. The UK aspect is not without merit - and it is an interesting story that goes into private US interests buying a majority share in the Aldermaston facilities used for nuclear research in the UK - they bought it directly from the controlling interest of the UK government. Now a US private industry had controlling interest over a UK government critical strategic scientific research facility. See how this works? The US needed capacities this facility had for continuing the RRW research and this is how it went down. Going back to Warren, how does one send a signal to the US government this is not a good idea?

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