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Cinetheodolite Film Taken By Tracking Station
April 27, 1950
White Sands Proving Grounds, New Mexico

Brad Sparks:
April 27, 1950. Holloman AFB, Alamogordo, New Mexico (BBU)
While preparing for an MX-776A Shrike air-to-ground missile test Charles Riggs and other members of USAF contractor Land-Air, Inc., Askania theodolite crews saw, tracked, filmed 4 high flying objects on a cinetheodolite at station P-10 and a theodolite at station M-7. Triangulation resulted in 30 ft size and 150,000 ft altitude for the "high speed" objects located between Holloman AFB and Tularosa Peak.
Timothy Good:
Todd Zechel claims that photographic evidence found missing from the Air Force Project Blue Book files eventually found its way to the CIA's Office of Scientific Intelligence in the 1950s, and specifies a number of movie films taken at White Sands Proving Grounds, New Mexico: a cinetheodolite film taken by a camera tracking station on 27 April 1950; a cinetheodolite film taken by two camera stations on 29 May 1950, allegedly showing two huge UFOs traveling at 2,000 mph; and a 35mm film taken by a military pilot on 14 July 1951. (Source: ABOVE TOP SECRET, 354)
Brad Sparks:
The Holloman Data Reduction Unit report by mathematician Wilbur Mitchell stated that the speed was high but indeterminable.  Evidently they just did not want to state an outlandish number.  Presumably they had seconds not minutes of film of high angular velocity objects so a slow-moving Skyhook is ruled out -- also there were 4 objects close enough together that they were all within the FOV, so that also eliminates a single Skyhook (I really doubt that they would not know of Skyhook launches from their own base).  Only other possibility is daylight meteors but 150,000 feet (30 miles) is way too low and they should have dropped to earth and burned up not, as what apparently happened, took off in powered flight. (See BB documents below) Oder himself is quoted in the AF documents in 1951 as pushing for Mirarchi's federal prosecution on grounds that Mirarchi had allegedly revealed classified SPEED-ALTITUDE tracking data on UFO's.  That proves that Oder and AFCRL back in 1951 KNEW there was a SUCCESSFUL TRIANGULATION at White Sands, and one so important that they went to the extreme lengths of trying to get Mirarchi thrown in prison in order to maintain the coverup!
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#1554: 1950/4/27  0:0  5  106:28:0W  32:40:0N  3331  NAM USA NMX  7 10 
Ref# 120 GOOD,Timothy: ABOVE TOP SECRET.      Page No. 354 MIL. BASE

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