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RADCAT is a revitalized special project now being conducted jointly by NICAP & Project 1947 with the help and cooperation of the original compiler of RADCAT, Martin Shough, to create a comprehensive listing of radar cases with detailed documentation from all previous catalogues, including UFOCAT and original RADCAT.

Two Lights Flashing Morse Code Letter "D"
April 14 (?), 1953
Sea of Japan

Brad Sparks:
April 14 [?], 1953.  Sea of Japan
9:23-11:50 p.m. (Japan time UTC+9).  Navy Pacific Fleet P2V Neptune [probably P2V-3W electronic ferret ELINT spy] aircraft flying at 9,000 ft [and ~200 mph] observed 2 bright lights flashing in [Morse?] code letter "D."  The 2 unidentified aircraft paced the P2V from a position [radar-tracked] about 12 miles away to a point (at 4145N, 13220E heading towards N Korea) where 3 additional unidentified aircraft joined.  All unidentified aircraft closed to 3 miles when the P2V descended to 2,000 ft.  At 10:43 p.m. the P2V turned (SE and away from N Korea) and flew towards Japan to 3905N, 13633E, descending to 400 ft above the ocean.  At least 5 more unidentified aircraft joined making a minimum total of 10 UFOs.  Night was extremely dark with ceiling and visibility unlimited.  No recognition features on the unidentified aircraft were observed except [what was interpreted as] an occasional jet glow.  From 10:43 p.m. until about 11:50 p.m. the P2V was the target of at least 70 aggressive non-firing passes.  Unidentified aircraft formed a group and departed when the P2V was about 100 (NM?) miles off Niigata, Japan [thus at about 3845N, 13712E].  UFO tactics were to have one UFO on the P2V's quarter at about 7 miles away.  The other UFOs made high speed runs, some from abeam of the P2V but most from astern (behind the P2V) all passing under the P2V still flying at 400 feet.  At least 10 passes were made by 4 UFOs in formation with runs from astern all passing below the P2V.  The P2V was on an ECM mission [=ELINT mission] at the time of the interception.  Five cuts [= ELINT Direction-Finding D/F intercepts] were obtained with at least 3 of these emanating from UFOs confirmed by radar.  UFO Signal characteristics: frequency 2790 MHz, PRF 500 - 550 Hz (or pulses per second) and PW (pulse width or duration) 11.5 microseconds.  See similar incidents on Jan. 12, 1950, March 14, 1953; also RB-47 case July 17, 1957.  (Sparks;  McDonald files;  BB files) 

Fran Ridge:
Very important case, a bombshell! And not listed on the April 1953 Sightings (listing). *

Jan Aldrich:
So here we have a Soviet AW&C type plane and about 10 fighters making over 70 passes at a Navy plane?  The closest base would probably have been North Korea.  So the fighters have to fly to the Navy plane, use lots of fuel making LOW LEVEL passes and then fly back. Fuel consumption would have to be huge! Pretty good in 1953!  Now would the AF and the Navy be very concerned about such a jump in technology? Passing under a.plane flying at 400 feet at night.  That's some good flying.

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