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UFO Stalls Electrical Apparatus / Missile Battery Fires At Disc
Summer 1961
Near Moscow

Timothy Good:
In the summer of 1961 near Rybinsk, 150 kilometers from Moscow, new missile batteries were being set up as part of Moscow's defense network. A huge disk-shaped object allegedly appeared at an estimated altitude of 20,000 meters, surrounded by a number of smaller objects. "A nervous battery commander panicked and gave - unauthorized - the order to fire a salvo at the giant disk," reported Fenogho. "The missiles were fired. All exploded when at an estimated distance of some two kilometers from the target, creating a fantastic spectacle in the sky. The third salvo was never fired, for at this point the smaller 'saucers' went into action and stalled the electrical apparatus of the whole missile base. When the smaller discoidal UFOs had withdrawn and joined the larger craft, the electrical apparatus was again found to be in working order." What are we to make of these sensational stories? In translating Fenogho's original article, Robert Pinotti noted that skeptics would point to the anonymity of Fenogho's informants and conclude that the reports are a pack of lies. Yet the stories are no more sensational than those reported in the West, and it seems unlikely that a respected journal would have published Fenogho's material unless there was some substance to it. (Above Top Secret", page 227)

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