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UFO Puts Missiles In Launch Mode
Bt. July 1965 and July 1967
Minot AFB, North Dakota

Fran Ridge:
Somewhere between July of 1965 and July of 1967; Minot AFB, North Dakota
Night (probably early morning). Minuteman missile crewmember reported a launch in progress caused by a UFO flyover at the 455th/91st Strategic Missile Wing.  The reporting person was at that time a 1st. Lieutenant and deputy commander that night. Security personnel at a site east of them reported on the PAS (Primary Alerting System)  a bright object hovering over some of the missile silos. Signals from the UFO caused spurious indicators on their consoles. All of the sites were reporting this object and the signals which put the missiles in launch mode. (see report below)

Detailed reports and documents
reports/1965-1967minot_report.htm (Robert Hastings)

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