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Michigan Sightings & Radiation
March 21, 1966
Hillsdale, Michigan

Brad Sparks:
March 21, 1966. Hillsdale , Michigan (BBU)
10:32, 11 p.m.-4:30 a.m. 17 Hillsdale College students including Barbara Kohn [Cole?] and Cynthia Poffenberger saw a football- shaped object with red-green-white pulsating lights descend from the NE pass close to their dorm then disappear to the S as if crashing to the ground, then return at 11 p.m. William Van Horn, Civil Defense Director and rated commercial pilot, and police arrived and conducted a ground search 1/2 to 2 miles away to the E but found nothing until Van Horn reached the college dorm where he, using binoculars, and [87?] students saw a maneuvering lighted 20-25 ft object on or near the ground about 1,500-1,700 ft away to the E, with a dirty-white light on the left and dim orange on the right, which brightened after 10 mins to white and red and began to rise at a rate of 25-30 ft/min to a height of 100-150 ft (about 3-6 mins), stopped momentarily then descended and repeated the motion several times. At one point on a descent a "convexed" surface (between?) the lights could be seen. Radiation was later detected at the landing area about 330 to 600 microroentgens/hr [milliroentgens/hr ?], roughly 10-60x background level, and possible boron contamination. (Sparks; Vallée Magonia 732; Todd Lemire; etc.

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