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Rumors Of Red Alert & Possible Major ET Incident (Unfounded)
Jan. 15 (13th?), 1972
Malmstrom AFB, Montana

Informant to NUFORC:
Sensors surrounding one missile silo recorded a rapid rise in ground temperature( from -25 to -30F to 50 or 60F} within the space of 5-15 minutes. Simultaneously all the sensors on perimeter "fences" showed that whatever was occurring had not been initiated by something crossing the fences nor had any of the ground sensors indicated anything had "walked" by ground passage up to the missile site. Witness said he was told that the missile silo cover had been set aside, that "crew" from the unknown craft broke into the missile silo, and some of its "crew" were examining the circuitry of the ballistic missile. At least one observer on the U.S. military reaction team arrived to see "crew" scampering aboard the "craft". Apparently as is SOP, fighters scrambled. When the radar target appeared on the radar scopes within a few moments of the reaction team's "radioed" report, it was travelling straight up at a speed in excess of 50,000 miles an hour. It disappeared by moving outside the range of the radar his NORAD shift was using.

Fran Ridge:
Could nuclear incident reported to National UFO Reporting Center be tied to a rumored national Red Alert reported in newspapers on January 13, 1972? The report to the NUFORC was filed Sept. 20, 2002 by "a friend of an informant" who reported the incident occurred on Jan. 15th of 1972, but the Red Alert newsnote dated the 13th was discovered only recently, but no doubt known by the UFO community. Within hours the alleged incident was shot down.

Detailed reports and documents
reports/720115malmstrom_report.htm (Dan Wilson)
reports/720115malmstrom_report2.htm (Robert Hastings)

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