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UFO incidents with potentially nuclear connections (Category 10) can origionally be any Category class (including distant and close encounters). Those NC cases involving radar are listed as Cat 9 or RADCAT status but are flagged on the DBase as "NC".  DBase entries show both Cat numbers and the NC field flag.

UFO Fired Upon Hovering Over Nuclear Bomb Storage Area
October 1973
Dyess, Texas

Robert Hastings:
October 1973; Dyess AFB, Texas
In the early 1970s, Michael D. Jenkins was a member of the 96th Security Police Squadron (SPS), located at Dyess AFB, Texas. At that time, the base was home to the 96th Bombardment Wing, composed of nuclear-armed B-52 bombers. The nukes were stockpiled at the Weapons Storage Area (WSA), operated by the 96th Munitions Maintenance Squadron (MMS).Jenkins recently told me: "In 1973, I was a Sergeant (E-4) and worked at the Secondary Central Security Control facility in the munitions maintenance area. I think this happened in October. I was standing on the 3rd Floor balcony of the SPS barracks, talking to a buddy, when I noticed a vehicle with yellowish flashing lights speeding down the access road from the Headquarters area. One light meant it was the Assistant Base Commander for Operations; two lights meant it was the Base Commander. The vehicle had two lights flashing."

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