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DSP Satellite Tracks Fast Walker
May 5, 1984

Fran Ridge:
May 5, 1984: ORBIT
At 1400 hours zulu time, an object was spotted by a US, the ultra-sensitive orbiting USDSP satellites our county uses for detailed surveillance and air defense. It was reportedly tracked as it sped first directly toward the Earth at 22,000 mph and passed if front and within 15 miles of the satellite. It suddenly and without impact or contact with other devices or obstructions curved outward, away from the Earth. It was tracked for another 9 minutes until it then disappeared. an alert was triggered at the North America Air Defense Command. It had been determined to NOT be incoming ballistic missiles, or any other type of conventionally explainable object. These satellites have the infra-red capability to spot small heat sources on the surface of the earth and are time-proven as effective monitoring devices.

Detailed reports and documents
reports/840505orbit_report.htm (Dave Kauble)

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