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UFO Hovers Over Nuclear Power Plant
June 24, 1984
Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant, Peekskill, New York

Fran Ridge:
June 24, 1984; Peekskill, New York
10:30 to 10:45 p.m. Security guards at the Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant reported seeing a UFO over the plant for approximately 15 minutes. It was roughly 30 stories above the exhaust funnel of one of the plant's three nuclear reactors. UFO investigator Philip J. Imbrogno for the Dr. J. Allen Hynek's Center for UFO Studies (CUFOS) in Chicago, Illinois interviewed six of the twelve security guards who saw the UFO. The UFO, according to the witnesses was huge in size, diamond-shaped and approximately 450 feet in length. It was first white, then changed to blue to red to green to amber in color. Local police in Peekskill received numerous UFO sightings during the same evening. One of them, Sgt. Karl Hoffman said the UFO he observed included a "dozen white lights" in V-formation that slowly moved towards the power plant at Indian Point. Investigators uncovered some interesting information. As the UFO approached the nuclear plant it flew to within 30 feet of its Reactor Number Three. When it did the plant's security systems shut down as did all of its alarm and communication systems. Security guards were issued shotguns and were waiting for the final word to shoot at the UFO. A request was also made for an armed helicopter to come and shoot down the UFO, but before the command was given, the UFO moved away and left the area. Carl Patrick of the plant's information office, when questioned by investigators about the UFO had this to say, "I can neither confirm or deny that the guards fired upon it, but they did what was necessary to protect the plant.

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