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AVCAT is a special project being conducted by NICAP, with the help and cooperation of the original compiler of AIRCAT, Dr. Richard Haines, and other sources, to create a comprehensive listing of sightings from aircraft with detailed documentation from these sources, including Projects SIGN, GRUDGE & BLUE BOOK.

RB-66 Crew Reports 4 Groups of Dark Objects
June 22, 1959
South China Sea, S. of Macao, China

6:46 a.m. local
Duration 6 mins
aircraft RB-66
United States
2 observers
No radar contact

Brad Sparks:
June 22, 1959; South China Sea, S. of Macao, China (BBU)
6:46 a.m. USAF pilot and gunner of RB-66 saw 4 groups of 8 dark round objects heading SW. (Project 1947; McDonald list) [See updates below - Fran Ridge]

Dan Wilson:
June 22, 1959: South China Sea S of Macao, China (BBU)
At 6:46 a.m. while on an RB-66 mission the pilot and gunner saw 4 pairs of unidentified objects. The objects were round and dark in color and were at an estimated altitude of 200 to 500 feet. The four pairs were spaced over an area of about 50 miles parallel to the RB-66 course. Separation of the objects in each pair was approximately 200-300 yards. Their size was estimated at 25-200 feet in diameter. The objects appeared to be moving on a course of 215 degrees at 15 knots. The RB-66 passed directly over the objects at 34,000 feet.(Dan Wilson)

Fran Ridge:
Even stranger, the aircraft noted a 3 beam radar signal. Six "cuts" all indicated it was emanating from the area of the objects. Report states "unusual ELINT signals obtained by Raven 4"... "ECM observer received strong signal." One pair of objects DEFINITELY moved together upon approach of aircraft and definitely airborne at 200-500'. Report mentions 35mm film was stored in a separate folder. A ship was observed on both ends of the formation!!! Not sure if this was coincidental, part of an exercise, or naval activity being observed.

Brad Sparks Update:
June 22, 1959; South China Sea S of Macao, China (at 21° N, 113°12' E)
6:23 a.m. ELINT operator 4 aboard RB-66C recon mission detected “strange” pulsed signals on ELINT APS-63 (and APR-5) and called attention to the location about 1 o’clock position 60 NM away, based on 6 ELINT “cuts” (direction-finder or D-F bearings that intersected) triangulated as coming from a 3-beam [or 3- lobed] radar signal. At 6:46 [6:40?] a.m. USAF pilot Maj. Noble J. McSwain , Operations Ofcr of 11th Tactical Recon Squadron, Yosuka AB, Japan, and gunner of RB66C (serial no. 55-389; mission FJ-056 of 67th Tactical Recon Wing) at 34,000 ft initially headed 035° then turned to 127° [to intercept UFO’s? at about 6:32 a.m.], at 430 kts TAS, saw 4 pairs of dark round or spherical objects of uniform size (total of 8), spaced over 50-mile area and 15 NM between each pair, aligned parallel to the aircraft flight path, each pair about 600-900 ft apart and in echelon formation, heading 215° (about SW) at about 15 kts (17 mph) [?] and appearing to be 200-500 ft above water surface, casting shadows on the water roughly 3 object diameters from objects [sun at about 12° to 14° elevation, azimuth 69° to 70°, from 6:46 to 6:52 a.m. contrary to mistaken BB calculation of 6° elevation] indicating objects were airborne. Objects about 100-200 ft diameter looking like an EW (electronic warfare) or ground radar radome [consistent within one-digit precision of 3-diameter separation of shadows from objects if say 200 ft diameter x 3.5 diameters = 700 ft separation at 175 ft altitude above water, or 14° sun elevation]. One pair of UFO’s moved together as RB-66 approached. Round shape did not change when RB-66 passed directly over objects. A single surface ship was sighted approx. 3-5 NM off each end of line of objects’ flight. ELINT continued to detect the same weak radar signals at same intensity for 250 NM (about 35 mins) after visual sighting ended. Roll of KD-2 negative film showing ELINT scopes, included frame 8180 at 7:45:02 [6:45:02?] a.m. which showed the radar signal emanating from area of objects (contrary to Pacific AF which claimed radar was commercial radar unconnected to UFO’s). BB suggested preposterous explanations of “submarine” objects, fishing boats, or “giant manta rays” (!!) disregarding sun shadow evidence objects were airborne. (Sparks; USAF Air Intelligence Report 1264291 dated 13 July 1959; NICAP files; Project 1947; McDonald list; Ballester-Olmos; BB files)

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