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Trent / McMinnville Photos
May 11, 1950
McMinnville, Oregon

Fran Ridge:
May 11, 1950; 8 miles Southwest of McMinnville, Oregon
7:20 PM (PST). Evelyn Trent was feeding the rabbits in the backyard just before sunset when she spotted an object to the N in the distance and called out to her husband Paul Trent, who was in the house at the back door, asking him to retrieve their camera. She went into the garage to look for the camera, but Paul found it in the house, ran out into the yard toward where his wife had been standing. Then he saw the rapidly approaching large metallic object to the N heading almost directly towards him, “tipped up” its flat undersides towards them, felt a gust of wind seemingly from the object, and snapped the photo of the object. The NICAP UFO EVIDENCE, Section VIII, lists this case as Item #7 on page 87: "...two of the clearest UFO photographs on record." The NICAP web site lists this case on the UFO Intelligence Summary and as one of the top cases demonstrating very strong evidence for the existence for unknown structured objects in our atmosphere. The Air Force couldn't explain it. The University of Colorado couldn't explain it. Most UFOlogists claim this sighting and its physical evidence as the best on record and listed on the Top Ten Best Evidence List.

Update: 2015:
Critique of IPACO Report on the Trent UFO Photos, McMinnville, Oregon, May 11, 1950 (Brad Sparks © 2014) is linked below. *

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