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Polaroid Glasses Expose Concentric Circles Around Disc
May 5, 1953
Yuma, Arizona

Fran Ridge:
May 5, 1953; Yuma, Ariz.
9:45 - 10:00 a.m. It was a clear sunny morning. A scientist, Wells Alan Webb was standing in a field near the Vacuum Cooling Company plant, not far from Spain Flying Field, and about a mile north of the Yuma Air Force Fighter Base. His attention was drawn by the buzzing of jet fighters taking off in quick succession, passing directly overhead traveling northward. As he scanned the northern sky, his attention became fixed upon what at first appeared to be a small white cloud, the only one in the sky at the time. Webb was wearing Polaroid glasses having a greenish tint, and as was his custom when studying clouds he took the glasses off and put them on at intervals to compare the effect with and without Polaroid. The object was approximately oblong with the long axis in a horizontal plane. It floated at an elevation of about forty-five degrees. During the course of about five minutes the object traveled approximately 30 degrees toward the east. Then it appeared abruptly to turn and travel northward; at the same time its oblong shape changed to circular section. As a circular object it rapidly became smaller as if receding. While receding, the object did not noticeably lose any of its brightness. In about thirty seconds of this, its diameter became too small for the witness to hold in his vision. During the first period Webb had not noticed a change in the oblong nor in the field of view about it as a result of putting on and taking off his Polaroid glasses. But during the second period several uniformly spaced concentric circles appeared around the now circular object. The circles were distinct dark bands which enveloped the silvery disc. The largest of these circles was, perhaps, six times the diameter of the central disc. When the witness removed his polarizing glasses the silvery disc remained but the concentric rings vanished. When the glasses were put on again, the rings reappeared. Webb repeated this several times, each time with the same result. The rings with glasses on, faded to invisibility before the disc became too small to see. (UFOE, 51)

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