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Animal Reaction, Physiological & E-M Case
March 6, 1969
Lancaster, Missouri

Joan Woodward:
Animal Reaction Feature:
March 6, 1969; Lancaster, Missouri

At 10:30 a.m. on a clear, sunny day, a St. Bernard, traveling in a car with its owner, was sleeping on the back seat.  The dog suddenly started barking, jumped into the front and tried to hide under the dashboard.  Its ruff was bristling and it was whimpering, and was described by the driver as “highly agitated.”  The driver saw a bright blue-white beam shinning onto the road ahead.  As her car entered the beam, she looked up and saw a domed disc hovering an estimated 1000 feet above the road.
The sighting: The blue-white beam covered the entire road, and there appeared to be dust particles in the beam.  The road beyond the beam was visually distorted as if viewed through heat waves.  As the car entered the beam, its speed slowed abruptly from 50 to 8 mph even though the accelerator was pushed to the floor.  Looking up, the woman could see the beam was coming from a small opening in the base of a silver or gray, metallic-looking domed disc. The beam was cone shaped, narrow at the top and wide at the bottom. The beam was so brilliant that she had to squint and her eyes were irritated for 3 days.  After passing through the beam, the car picked up speed and ran normally.  The witness commented that the car did not start to miss but just slowed. No sound was reported.  EM and physiological effects were reported. (Hall, Richard H., 2001, The UFO Evidence, Volume II, Lanham, Maryland, Scarecrow Press, pages 38-39)
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