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UFO Disables Train
Oct. 20, 1973
6-7 mi. East of Mt. Vernon, Indiana

Fran Ridge:
Oct. 20, 1973; east of Mt. Vernon, Indiana
6:50 a.m. The primary witness was a conductor on a L&N train that had an encounter with a UFO.  Mt. Vernon, is a little town 15 miles west of the city of Evansville. The train had passed through Mt. Vernon and was overtonnage headed east nearing the Lamont crossing, which is about 2-miles west of the outskirts of Evansville. A bright white light about 1/5th size of the sun was coming out of the north and turned and headed east. The brightness fluxuated. When they neared Caborn (6-7 miles east of Mt. Vernon), the conductor told the rear conductors by intercom that they had seen a real bright light ahead of them. When they got near St. Phillips, the rear conductor reported that there was a train following them, on the same track, and the front and rear conductors argued about this because there had been nothing on the radios. By now the RR blocking system showed something approaching them. When they got near Belknap Hill, a pretty steep hill, the train became immobilized at the Lamont Crossing when a diesal unit overheated. The rear conductors weren't too concerned because of the apparent train following them, so the main conductor (prime witness) radioed the Howell Roundhouse at Evansville. He was told that there was no train behind them! With nothing left to do with a stalled train, the conductor walked back to the rear of the Burlington engine and hit the restart button, and it "took right off". He knew it wasn't right but they were able to climb that hill, loaded down with tons of coal, and make it on in to Evansville without further problems. But as they had moved up and away from the Lamont Crossing, the blocking system indicated the "train" was retreating and gave them an amber, then a green "board". See full report. (UFO Filter Center, FI Francis Ridge, MUFON SSD). 

[The Monon RR train incident (*) that occurred on Oct. 3, 1958 and over a path from Wasco to Kirtland, Indiana, was similar in that UFO(s) had crossed in front of the train. In both cases UFO(s) then followed the trains.]

Detailed reports and documents
reports/mtvernon_report.htm (Fran Ridge)
CR Form C - Preliminary Report (UFO Filter Center/Fran Ridge)
Official report submitted in triplicate to MUFON HQ, DDI Dan Wright, CUFOS (Pandora)
audio [tape recording] Official Interrogation phase one (Oct 20, 1973; Fran Ridge)
Oct. 3, 1958; From Wasco to Kirtland (Fran Ridge/NICAP) *
trains/ (Collection of train incidents. Fran Ridge)
articles/UFOs: More Engine Effects Diesals Too [MUJ_Mar1985.pdf] (James McCampbell)

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