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1956 Military Aircraft Close Encounter
North/South Dakota Airspace
Fall or Winter of 1956

Francis Ridge
NICAP Site Coordinator:
This is a report of an extremely interesting aerial close encounter by a military aircraft with a classic disc that was published in the Spring 2000 (Vol. 25, Number 1) of the IUR (International UFO Reporter). The case is a sighting from aircraft (Cat 11) and involves radar (Cat 9) and photographs (Cat 8). The report is not in the Blue Book files and is further indication of better reports that went "somewhere else". Our thanks to Richard Haines & Franklin Carter for the fine investigation report, and permission by CUFOS' Mark Rodeghier to post it on the NICAP site. 

A 1956 Military Aircraft - UFO Close Encounter (IUR/Haines/Carter)

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