06/15/1923 Northern Wayne County, Indiana, US 

June 1923

From _The Evansville Courier's Electronic Edition_, Len Wells, Courier Correspondent.

Norman Massie, 85, told his son in the USAF about a UFO he had seen when he was 10. His father had told him "never to breathe a word about what he saw because 'people would talk.'

"Massie's UFO sighting happened in June 1923 of the family farm in northern Wayne County.

" ' I opened the gate to let the horses into the pasture...I looked back down the field and there was an object with

CE-3-111 Current Encounters Digest 12-13 Aug 1998
02/28/1947 Lima, PE

February 47

While driving six miles south of Lima, Peru, C.A.V. saw a sand-colored & very shiny disc-shaped object hovering 6-7 FT off the ground. 3 figures emerged from it. They looked like mummies. They had a humanoid profile, but their legs were fused together. The hands looked like fingers in mittens, and they had a opposable thumb. The skin was sand-colored, & they had no facial features. There was a transparent area where the eyes should have been.

FOV reliability rating: 2

CE-3-102 Randle/Estes, FOV pg 9-11; Lorenzen, UOTA
07/04/1947 Roswell, NM, US 

4 Jul 47

Dr. W, Curry Holden, a professor of history & anthropology @ Texas Tech Univ @ Lubbock, TX, US appeared on the scene of the Roswell crash with a number of students on the morning of 5 Jul 47. Hater Holden would say that he saw the craft & the bodies.

Maj. Edwin Easley, provost marshal of the 509th Bomb Group arrived at the site with the first group of military personnel. He ordered the entire area cordoned off the held everyone else back while the craft was checked for radiation, etc. He said the craft was of extraterrestrial origin & told his family he had seen "the creatures."

Frank Kaufmann, another member of the 509th, was with the original group. According to him, the craft was heel-shaped, with a tear in the side that allowed him to see into the interior.

The craft was 20-25 FT wide. The trailing edge was slightly scalloped, & the nose was rounded. The front was

CE-3-444 Randle/Estes, FOV pg 17-20, (well documented)
08/14/1947 Friuli, IT

14 Aug 47

Professor R. L. Johannis was on a rock-hunting expedition in the mountains in the extreme NW part of Italy. He emerged from a stand of trees & saw, on a rocky riverbank, a large red object that seemed to be shaped like lens. The witness & the creatures approached one another, but when they were a few paces apart, they stopped. Witness felt paralyzed. Two creatures, about 3 FT tall, heads larger than normal human. No hair. Tight-fitting brown caps. Noses straight & long. Eyes large, protuberant, & round; yellow-green in color with a vertical pupil like a cat. Hands had 8 fingers & seemed to be opposed.

Randle/Estes reliability rating: 6

CE-3-304 Randle/Estes, FOV pg 21-23
07/02/1950 Sawmill Bay, near Steep Rock Lake, Ontario, CA

2 JUL 1950

Taken from the _Steep Rock Echo_, a publication of the Steep Rock Iron Mines.

A senior executive of the mine and his wife were picnicking by the lake when the air vibrated. The exec said it was reminiscent of a dynamite blast, but they had heard no sound, and they were miles away from any mining operation. He went to look and he climbed a spear of rock that rose above the surrounding undergrowth. Through a cleft in the rock he saw a lens-shaped craft with round black-edged ports about four feet apart around the edge. The craft was sitting on the water; the underside could not be seen.

"The top had what looked like hatch covers open" and he and his wife saw about 10 humanoids in shiny material on their torsos, darker on arms & legs, with dark blue headpieces, except for one with a bright red headpiece, who

CE-3-313 Edwards, Flying Saucers Serious Business (FSSB), pp 91-93
02/28/1951 Central Australia

FEB 51 (approx)

A band of aborigines of the Unmatjera tribe reported the landing of a shiny circular object a short distance from similar object already on the ground. The objects were the same size, between 35 FT and 50 FT diameter and " 'a man and a half man tall. ' " A "small manlike thing" exited one craft from the bottom and transferred to the other. The humanoid had a shiny suit and a "round shiny head."

CE-3-203 Edwards, FSSB, pg 93
07/07/1952 Near Berlin, GM

7 JUL 52

Oskar Linke, mayor of a small city in E Ger., & his daughter would take motorcycle rides (she in a side car) to lull the border guard's suspicions in preparation for an escape to the West. On one of the rides, his daughter noticed a something white shimmering through the trees. They went to investigate. They saw a 25 FT diameter disc resting on the ground in a clearing. They saw two small figures like tiny humans some 3.5 FT tall. They were wearing shiny one-piece garments. One had a box about the size of three stacked cigarette packages on his chest, on the front of which was a bright blinking blue light. They got into the craft and it took off.

CE-3-203 Edwards, FSSB, pp 97-98
08/25/1952 Pittsburg, KS, US

25 Aug 52

Witness was driving to work at a radio station. At about 0530, was approx. 1 MI from US 60, saw an object off the right side of the road, some 250 YD away. Object approx. 70 FT long and 12 FT high. Object had a number of windows, and witness saw a "man" inside (head and shoulders visible).

Witness considered completely reliable.

In field over which object hovered, grass was pressed down forming a circle of 60 FT dia. impression with the grass in a "recognizable concentric pattern."

Blue Book investigated. Samples of soil and grass sent to Dayton & analyzed by Technical Analysis Division. No evidence of radioactivity, burning, or stress of any kind.

CE-3-233 Hynek UFO Report (HUR), pp 200-202
09/12/1952 Flatwoods, W. Virginia, US 

12 Sep 52

3 boys saw a ball of slow-moving red light descend behind a hill. As they headed to what might have been the landing site, they were joined by Kathleen May, her sons, & a member of the National Guard, Eugene Lemon.

The dog ran up the hill & ran back down frightened. At about the same time, the group ran into a foul-smelling mist that stung their eyes & noses. At the top of the hill they spotted a ball of light as big as a house. To the left were two smaller lights. In the light of Lemon's flashlight, the "hideous" face of a creature became visible. The creature was humanoid, with a round blood-red face. Greenish orange beams projected from two eyelike sockets. Around the face was a dark, pointed, hood like shape. The upper torso was clothed in a dark, possible green, fabric. It floated toward the ball of light.

CE-3-344 Randle/Estes, FOV pg 24-26
03/15/1954 Santa Maria, BR 

15 Mar 54

When Hellwig spotted a football-shaped object landing nearby, he stopped his car & approached it. Saw 2 creatures near UFO, They were of average size with brown faces & light hair. One gathered samples & the other stood watch. They spoke to Hellwig in a language he could not understand.

CE-3-003 FOV pg 264
03/16/1954 Santa Maria, BR

16 Mar 54

In the second sighting in as many days, Hellwig came across the same ship but different crew members. One man and two women. Each of the women had long dark hair, dark complexion, and large eyes. They told Hellwig that they were studying the natural riches of Brazil

CE-3c-003 FOV pg 264
08/23/1954 Thonon, FR

23 Aug 54

A man approached a landed UFO near which two small creatures were standing. They were dressed in light-colored suits and grunted like pigs.

CE-3-002 Randle/Estes, FOV pg 264
09/10/1954 Mourieras. FR

10 Sep 54

A farmer on his way home saw a man of average height wearing a helmet who made friendly gestures, then walked into a forest. A moment later a cigar-shaped craft took off.

CE-3-102 Randle/Estes, FOV pg 264
09/10/1954 Valencinnes, FR

10 Sep 54

Walking his dog along railroad tracks at night, Dewilde saw a dark mass. Also two small creatures with wide shoulders and huge helmets. He planned to approach, but a bright light from the craft paralyzed him. Creatures returned to craft, which took off with a loud whistling noise. Exam of rail bed showed depressions in rail ties where craft was reported

CE-3-113 Randle/Estes FOV pg 265
09/17/1954 Cenon, FR

17 Sep 54

Yves David was biking when he felt a tingling all over his body. He stopped & got off his bike as his headlight went out. In from of him he saw the dark shape of a craft approx. 10' long & 3' high. David was paralyzed & watched as a small silhouette moved away from the craft. It approached him, touched him on the shoulder & returned to the ship which took off. David received the use of his limbs when it was gone.

CE-3-103 Randle/Estes, FOV
09/17/1954 Cenon, FR

17 SEP 54

A farmer met a small creature in a diving suit who made friendly gestures and "inhuman and incomprehensible" noises. During encounter farmer could not move. Creature entered spaceship and took off with a greenish light.

May be a variation to Yves David incident.

CE-3-104 Lorenzen, UTWS, pg 172
09/26/1954 Valence, FR

26 Sep 54

While gathering mushrooms in the woods, a woman saw a small humanoid wearing a diving suit with a clear helmet. She ran. A moment later she heard a loud whistling and saw a disc-shaped object lift from the woods. Evidence of a landing was found.

CE-3-013 Randle/Estes, FOV pg 165
09/29/1954 Chabeuil, FR

19 SEP 54

Mme. Leboeuf, out gathering mushrooms at about 1600, was startled by her dog barking at what looked like a scarecrow at the edge of a wheat field. The "scarecrow" was a humanoid about 3 FT tall, encased in a translucent material that made him look like he was done up in a plastic bag. Mme. Leboeuf had the impression of two very large eyes. The sack-man began waddling towards her and she turned and ran. Shortly after a metallic saucer-shaped object rose from amongst some nearby trees. M. Leboeuf later found that shrubs and bushes in the area where Mme. said the object took off were crushed as if something had been resting on them.

CE-3-103 Lorenzen, UTWS, pg 167
09/30/1954 Marcilly-sur-Vienne, FR

30 Sep 54

Eight construction workers reported seeing a disc-shaped object on the ground. Nearby was a small humanoid wearing a helmet. 


Both vanished in a very strange manner. Physiological effects in all witnesses. Event happened about 1630.


CE-3-102 Randle/Estes, FOV pg 266 ; M. Cashman email 7/25/98
09/30/1954 Ligescourt, FR

30 Sep 54

Devoisn & Coudette were riding their bikes when they spotted a glowing orange object on the road. Near it was a small being in a diving suit, who entered the craft, which then took off.

CE-3-103 Randle/Estes, FOV pg 266
10/03/1954 Bessuire, FR

3 OCT 54

55-year old man going to work saw a 10 FT diameter saucer. A small figure in a diving suit entered the craft which then left at high speed.

CE-3-103 Lorenzen UTWS, pg 172
10/03/1954 Vron, FR

3 OCT 54

Three men saw a haystack-shaped craft. A "man-shaped" creature in a diving suit was seen.

CE-3-103 Lorenzen, UTWS, pg 172
10/04/1954 Salta, AR

4 Oct 54

A number of children reported seeing three small humanoid creatures with greenish skin.

CE-3-002 Randle/Estes, FOV pg 266
10/05/1954 Loctudy, FR

5 Oct 54

A baker was drawing water from a well when he noticed a 10' diameter object on the ground. A small being with a hairy face and large oval eyes approached him & spoke in a strange language. Baker called his boss & both watched as creature got into craft which took off quickly.

CE-3-002 Randle/Estes, FOV pg 266
10/05/1954 Mertrud, FR

5 Oct 54

A road repairman spotted a strange object sitting on the road. Near it he saw a small hairy creature. Traces of the craft were found on the road.

CE-3-112 Randle/Estes, FOV pg 267
10/09/1954 Pournoy-la-Chetine (Moselle), FR

9 Oct 54

Four children saw a bright glow from a nearby cemetery. Object about 8' diameter standing on 3 legs. Small creature carrying a bright light exited the craft & spoke to them, but they couldn't understand it.

_UFOs The Whole Story_ adds that the occupant was about 4 FT tall and dressed in a black sack or cassock [like a monk--SJD]. The little man's head was hairy and he had big eyes.

Another villager said he also saw the craft when it took off.

CE-3-102 Randle/Estes, FOV pg 267; Lorenzen, UTWS, pg 167
10/09/1954 Carcassonne, FR

9 Oct 54

Bertrand was driving when he saw a spherical object on the road in front of him. Through a translucent top, he could see a human-shaped shadow moving.

CE-3-101 Randle/Estes, FOV pg267
10/09/1954 Rinkerode, GM

9 Oct 54

A movie projectionist saw a cigar-shaped craft sitting near the road. the object gave off a blue light. Near it were 4 small being wearing rubber overalls. They had large chests & thin arms & legs & seemed to be working on the underside of the craft.

CE-3-102 Randle/Estes, FOV pg 267
10/09/1954 Louvoux, FR

9 Oct 54

A cyclist (Roger Barrault) saw a small creature carrying a double-beam light, which it used to paralyze the man. The little man was about 4.5 FT tall and was wearing a "diver's suit." The head was covered by shaggy hair out of which shined two "dazzling" eyes. Incident happened about 1900.

CE-3-101 Randle/Estes, FOV pg 268; Lorenzen, UTWS, pg 167
10/09/1954 Lavoux, FR

9 OCT 54

A farmer saw a humanoid much like the one Roger Barrault saw, i.e., in a diving suit, and was also paralyzed by a double-beam light. The farmer said the suit had "boots without heels."

CE-3-103 Lorenzen, UTWS, pg 172
10/11/1954 Taupignac, FR

11 Oct 54

Three men in a car spotted at disc-shaped craft in a field. 4 tiny humanoids were working nearby. When they saw the men they ran to the disc & shot a beam of light at the men so they could not give chase.

CE-3-102 Randle/Estes, FOV pg 268
10/12/1954 Tehran, IR

12 Oct 54

A witness clearly saw a creature moving around inside a disc-shaped object hovering close to the ground. The being was tiny & dressed in black.

CE-3-002 Randle/Estes, FOV pg 268
10/12/1954 Lauttey

12 Oct 54

A French engineer saw a creature about 4' tall, dressed in a silver suit entering a disc-shaped craft.

CE-3-302 Randle/Estes, FOV pg 268
10/13/1954 Bourasote, FR

13 Oct 54

Three people (not together) saw a reddish disc-shaped craft about 12' diameter. They all reported a being in a shiny silver suit with a large head & enormous eyes.

CE-3-102 Randle/Estes, FOV pg 268
10/14/1954 Meral, FR

14 Oct 54

A farmer was leaving his home when a glowing ball landed not far from him. It lit up the fields for 200 YD round. The domed disc appeared to be translucent. Behind the glow he could see a dark shape moving around.

CE-3-102 Randle/Estes, FOV pg269
10/15/1954 Toulouse, FR

15 Oct 54

A witness reported that he saw a small creature with large eyes near a small disc-shaped craft.

CE-3-101 Randle/Estes, FOV pg 269
10/16/1954 Baillot, FR

16 Oct 54

Dr. Robert watched 4 disc-shaped objects fly over his car. One dropped out of formation, Robert felt paralyzed. A small creature appeared & moved illuminated by the glow of the craft.

CE-3-302 Randle/Estes, FOV pg 269
10/17/1954 Isle of Capri, IT

17 Oct 54

An artist walking along a road came upon a landed disc-shaped craft about 15' diameter. 4 small creatures dressed in coveralls emerged.

CE-3-102 Randle/Estes, FOV pg 269
10/18/1954 Doubs, FR

18 Oct 54

A biker noticed a red glow on the road. She then saw a figure near the road. It was dressed in a one-piece silver suit & accompanied by 2 smaller beings.

CE-3-101 Randle/Estes FOV pg 269
10/18/1954 Royan, FR

18 Oct 54

A couple saw two ball-shaped objects that appeared to be joined by a beam of light. When the light went out, the objects landed separately. A small creature got out of each craft and entered the other craft. Both ships then took off.

CE-3-102 Randle/Estes, FOV pg 270
10/18/1954 Fonetay-Forey, FR

18 Oct 54

A couple saw a cigar-shaped craft as it suddenly dived toward the ground. They saw a being about 3' tall. It's eyes seemed to glow orange. 4 other witnesses also saw the craft.

CE-3-102 Randle/Estes, FOV pg 270
10/21/1954 Shrewsbury, GB

21 Oct 54

Ms Roestenburg & her 2 children watched an aluminum colored disc with transparent panels. Inside they saw 2 men w/white skin & long hair. They wore skintight suits & helmets.

CE-3-102 Randle/Estes, FOV pg 270
10/27/1954 Les Jonquets-de-Livet, FR

27 Oct 54

A farmer watched a cigar-shaped objects w/lights at both ends land in a nearby field. Later, with a group of people, he saw the object again. Two small creatures in silver suits near the object.

CS-3-102 Randle/Estes, FOV pg 270
10/28/1954 Milan, IT

28 OCT 54

A resident of Milan returning home from an outdoor movie, noticed a glowing light inside a little-used sports field that was surrounded by a rickety board fence. He peeked through the cracks in the fence, and saw a sizeable object glowing like a florescent bulb. It was close to the ground, but he could discern no landing gear. He became frightened, & left, but when he came upon a group of farmers coming back from a meeting, they all went to the fence to see the object. Eventually a crowd gathered. All the 31 witnesses affirmed to the police that the creatures resembled miniature men, not more that 4 FT tall, with light-colored pants, gray jackets, & transparent helmets. All the creatures wore on their backs what was presumed to be breathing apparatus, connected to the helmets by hoses. 

Some members of the crown forced the lock on the gate and went inside. When they did so, the creatures

CE-3-102 Edwards, FSSB, pp 108-9
11/02/1954 Banto Amaro, BR

2 Nov 54

A taxi driver saw a large glowing object sitting in a vacant field between 2 houses. As he approached, a door opened in the object & he entered. Inside he saw a table with maps on it incl. one of South America. 3 creatures appeared. Resembled perfectly formed humans but smaller. He backed out of the craft, almost against his will.

CE-3c-103 Randle/Estes, FOV pg 271
11/08/1954 Monza, IT

8 Nov 54

A huge crowd went to investigate a light & saw 3 creatures near a disc-shaped craft on three legs. Beings spoke w/guttural sounds.

CE-3-102 Randle/Estes, FOV pg 271
11/14/1954 Isola, IT

14 Nov 54

A farmer saw a cigar-shaped object land in a field. Three small beings got out. Thinking they were going to steal his rabbits, he took aim with a rifle, but it got so heavy he had to drop it. He was paralyzed. The beings did take his rabbits. When he could move, he fired a shot at the craft as it was going away, apparently missing.

CE-3-102 Randle/Estes, FOV pg 271
11/14/1954 Somewhere in Brazil

14 Nov 54

A railroad employee saw 3 small humanoids in tight-fitting luminous clothes who seemed to be examining the railroad be with a lantern. When they saw the man, they ran back to their oval-shaped ship & left.

CE-3-102 Randle/Estes, FOV pg 271
11/28/1954 Caracas, VE

28 Nov 54

Gonzales & Ponce were driving toward a produce warehouse when they sighted a glowing sphere hovering above the street. Gonzales got out & spotted a small hairy creature with glowing eyes. Gonzales tried the grab the creature, which struck him, knocking Gonzales backwards. The being then advanced, clawed hands extended, & Gonzales pulled his knife. He struck the creature on the shoulder but the blade glanced off as though the being were made of metal. Another being came from the ship & both returned to it.

CE-3-344 Randle/Estes, FOV pg 272
12/04/1954 Pontal, BR

4 Dec 54

Alves watched a disc-shaped object landing & 3 small men in tight-fitting clothes got out. They gathered plant samples & water from a nearby stream.

CE-3-102 Randle/Estes, FOV pg 272
12/08/1954 Linha Bela Vista, BR

9 Dec 54

A farmer working in his field heard a sound like a sewing machine & saw a disc-shaped craft hovering nearby. The animals in the field scattered as it landed. Three beings of medium height were visible. One stayed in the craft while the other two approached the farmer. The farmer dropped his hoe & one being picked it up & handed it back to him. The alien then uprooted some plants. The farmer spoke to the being, but it did not seem to understand.

Investigated by Dr. Fontes, APRO

CE-3-142 Randle/Estes, FOV pg 272; Lorenzen, UTWS
12/10/1954 Caracas, VE

10 Dec 54

Two men watch two small beings run into the bushes; a few minutes later a disc-shaped object rose from the ground.

CE-3-002 Randle/Estes, FOV pg 273
12/10/1954 Trans-Andean Highway, between Chico & Cerro de las Tres Torres, VE

10 DEC 54

Two teenage boys, Jesus Gomez and Lorenzo Flores had been out hunting rabbits. Having exhausted their ammo, they were walking back home when they saw a shiny object a short distance away from the highway. Thinking it was a car that had gone off the road, they went to investigate.

They found a flying saucer about 10 FT diameter & hovering about 3 FT off the ground, emitting fire from the bottom. Four men came out, about 3 FT tall, very hairy & strong. One grabbed Gomez & tried to drag him to the craft. Flores hit the creature holding Gomez with the clubbed shotgun. The creature's body seemed hard as rock, & the shotgun broke, but Flores was able to get Gomez away. They ran to the nearest police station. They were bleeding & their clothing was torn. The shotgun had been a prized possession. When the police arrived on the scene, they found scorched bushes and evidence of a struggle

CE-3-113 Edwards, FSSB, pp 99-100; Randle/Estes, FOV, pg 273
12/11/1954 Linha Bela Vista, BR

11 Dec 54

A farmer went to investigate a noise & saw an object with a bottom like that of a teakettle hovering over a field. He saw 2 humanoids in the field. As the farmer started toward them, they tried to warn him off. When he refused to stop, they pulled up a tobacco plant & ran back to their craft.

CE-3-102 Rabdle/Estes, FOV pg 273
12/15/1954 Campo Grande, BR

15 Dec 54

A fisherman sighted two objects, one revolving around the other. Using the telescopic sight on his rifle, he watched as 3 creatures descended, gathered samples, & returned to their craft.

CE-3-102 Randle/Estes, FOV pg 273
12/16/1954 San Carlos, VE

16 Dec 54

Three men driving home stopped along a roadside. Jesus Paz got out of the car & walked in the bushes. A moment later he screamed. When his friends ran to his aid, they saw him on the ground & saw a short hairy creature running away. A flat shining object then rose into the sky.

CE-3-103 Randle/Estes, FOV pg 273 , Edwards, FSSB, pg 99
12/19/1954 Valencia, VE

19 Dec 54

A jockey, running in the cool of the morning, came across a disc-shaped craft hovering just off the ground. Several small creatures were loading boulders into the craft. When they saw the jockey, they turned a purple light on him that paralyzed him. The creatures returned to the craft & left. Later investigations revealed strange tracks on the ground.

CE-3-112 Randle/Estes, FOV pg 274
08/21/1955 Kelly Station/Hopkinsville, KY, US

21-22 Aug 55

In the early evening of 21 Aug 55, Billy Ray Taylor, a friend of Elmer "Lucky" Sutton came running to the Sutton's farmhouse to say he had seen a flying saucer. The dog began to bark, then ran under the house & hid.

Present were: Glennie Lankforn, Vera Sutton, John Charley Sutton, Aline Sutton, 3 Sutton children, June Taylor, & O. P. Baker.

Taylor & Luck Sutton went out to investigate the dog's barking, when they saw a strange glow out in the fields away from the house. As it approached, they saw a small man inside it. 3.5 FT tall, large round head, slender arms reaching almost to the ground, large & out-of-proportion hand shaped more like bird's talons than human hands. Large eyes seemed to glow with yellow fire.

As the creature continued to move toward the house, the men went & got a .22 rifle & a shotgun. When the

CE-3-344 Randle/Estes, FOV pg 30-36
01/01/1956 One warm night in the summer of 1956, a wealthy, respected professor of Roman Law, Joao de Freitas Guimareaes, was out for a walk on the beach at Sao Sebastio when a huge disk-shaped craft--about 60 FT in diameter--landed on the beach. The disk was about 18 FT high and rested on a pawnshop-type landing gear of three balls. Two 6-FT tall men got out of the disk, and Guimareaes tried to communicate in English, French, Spanish, and Italian without success. Then the two visitors communicated with him through telepathy and invited him aboard. The two men had blond hair, green eyes, and were wearing yellow shoes. The professor entered the disk, which immediately took off. An hour later, the disk landed back on the beach, and the professor departed from the spacecraft.

SJD Comment: Very Adamski-like saucer and aliens.

CE-3c-304 Internet (Ira Adams)
06/26/1957 Boainai, Papua New Guinea

26 JUN 57

Rev. William Booth Gill came out on the porch after dinner and saw a light in the sky near Venus. The light came closer, and resolved itself into a disc-shaped craft. Teachers & students also saw the craft. Rev. Gill estimated it came to within 400 FT. The craft was 40-40 FT wide at the base & had four metal legs that projected from it diagonally. It was topped by a dome some 20 FT diameter. There were four small humanoids on the deck. some working & some leaning on a small railing. Occasionally, one would bend over as though manipulating some equipment on deck. At approx. 5-sec. intervals a narrow beam of bright blue light would be projected skyward, as though signaling.

One of the creatures leaned over the rail & seemed to be looking down at the Rev. & the others. Rev. Gill waved one hand & the creature did the same. A teacher waved both arms & two of the humanoids did the same. 

CE-3-304 Edwards, FSSB, pp 103-4
10/08/1957 Fiji Islands (FJ)

8 OCT 57

Four people in a punt with an outboard motor approached a saucer-shaped object hovering about 20 FT above the water. It seemed to be revolving and they could make out the figure of a man standing on the hull of the saucer. The figure shined a blinding light at their boat that made them feel "dazzled and weak."

CE-3-103 Lorenzen, UTWS, pg 81
10/15/1957 Countryside, Brazil

15 Oct 57

23-year-old Antonio Villas Boas, farmer, was plowing his field at night when an egg-shaped craft landed on three metal legs in front of his tractor. He got off the tractor and prepared to run, but he was grabbed by three of five small individuals in tight-fitting gray coveralls and helmets that covered all but his eyes. He was taken into the spaceship. The aliens communicated by strange barks and yelps.

Once in the craft he was stripped naked and washed with a clear fluid (Blum speculates it was a germicide; Boas thought it was an aphrodisiac). Blood was taken from his chin. He was confronted by a naked woman, about 4'5", with fair almost white hair on her head, white skin with freckles all over, "blood red" hair on underarms & pubic area, high cheekbone & slanted eyes. They had sex, and she used sign language to indicate he had impregnated her.

CE-3-113 Blum, Beyond Earth (BE), pp182-184
10/25/1957 Rio de Janeiro, BR 

25 Oct 57

The daughter of a wealthy Brazilian family was dying of stomach cancer. This night, a beam of light was seen outside the bedroom window. The brother looked out & saw a saucer, "from whose open hatch descended one of the strangest-looking Medevac teams on record." Two small beings, 1.2 m tall with yellowish-red hair down to heir shoulders & green oriental eyes. One of team touched father on forehead & communicated telepathically the daughter's condition. The surgeons shine on the girl's stomach a blue-white light that lit up her insides so the cancer could be seen, The operation took about a half hour, after which the alien told the father she would need medicine for a while gave him a metallic ball containing small white tablets. In December 57, the girl's doctor reported that the girl was cured of cancer.

CE-3-113 Blum, BE, pp 148-149
11/05/1957 Playa del Rey, CA, US

5 Nov 57

Richard Kehoe was driving near the town when his engine failed. He got out of the car and noticed other drivers having the same problem. He saw an egg-shaped craft hovering in a blue haze. Two creatures, who had yellow-green skin, got out to ask questions of the men. Once the aliens returned o their craft and took off, all cars started easily.

CE-3-113 Randle, Project Moon Dust (PMD), pg 144
11/05/1957 Dante, TN, US

About 5 Nov 57

Everett Clark saw a landed UFO in a field. Near it were 4 men and a woman trying to capture an agitated dog. He talked to them briefly, then they got into the craft, which shot quietly into the sky.

Searchers found an area where grass was matted as though something heavy had rested there for a period.

CE-3-313 Randle, PMD, pp 145-146
11/05/1957 Everittstown, NJ, US

About 5 Nov 57

John Trasco claimed he saw an egg-shaped UFO hovering over his barn. Underneath the UFO was a small, putty-colored humanoid trying to grab his dog. Trasco shouted at the creature, who responded that he only wanted the dog. Trasco yelled back to leave the dog alone an to get the hell out of there. The creature dropped the animal & fled to the UFO.

CE-3-113 Randle, PMD, pg 146
11/07/1957 Meridian, MS, US

7 Nov 57

Melvin Stevens was driving when he saw an object on the highway. As he approached, 3 men about 4.5 FT tall got out and walked toward him. Stevens said they wanted to talk, but he could not understand them. When it became clear that Stevens could not communicate, the creatures got back in the craft, and Stevens drove to the nearest police station.

CE-3-113 Randle, PMD, pg 148
12/30/1957 Schooney's Mountain, near Drakestown, NJ, US

30 DEC 57

George Chowanski went out back to cut wood after supper. His two dogs began to bark and he heard a buzz like an electric shaver. Mr. Chowanski became aware of a glow and then a saucer shape that seemed to hover about 2 FT off the ground. Distance was about 100 FT away in a clearing in the woods; size estimated to be 5 FT high and 15 FT wide.

He called wife to look, and when she saw it she ran back inside & locked him out (!) Three "individuals" came out of the craft and walked about the clearing. One of them bent over to pick up something. It seemed heavy as he carried it back to the craft.

Investigated over the phone by the Lorenzens personally.

CE-3-343 Lorenzen, UTWS, pp 88-89
05/26/1962 26 May 1962

La Pampa AR

A woman living in La Pampa province was taken to a mental hospital suffering from shock. She had seen a robot-like apparition come out of a disk. When he (the robot) discovered he was being watched, the robot returned to the machine, set it in motion, and disappeared at tremendous speed. This was the latest in a number of similar reports which had come from different parts of Argentina. In this instance, the woman's story is corroborated by her husband, who was able to glimpse the disk as it vanished in space,

CE-3-004 Internet (Ira Adams)
06/26/1962 Verona, IT

26 Jun 1962

For about one hour in the evening, 20-year-old Roberto Poregozzo, his mother Maria, and his 25-year-old sister Luisa, observed a silvery disk, the apparent diameter of the moon, maneuvering in the sky near Santa Anastasia church. They finally went home. About 0300, one of them was awakened by a feeling of intense cold and perceived a greenish light in the room. In the window, a sharply-defined humanoid shape, delineating a semi-transparent body, was visible. The apparition had a huge bald head. The witness screamed, awakening two others, and they all saw the apparition shrink and vanish "like a TV image when one turns off the set.

(FSR 63, 2)

CE-3-103 M. Cashman email to CURRENT ENCOUNTERS 7/25/98
07/26/1962 26 JUL 62

On a lonely road, a 17-year old youth named Ricardo Limeres was riding his motorcycle when the headlight fell upon a weird-looking person standing on the left side of the road. According to Limeres, his motor cycle refused to obey him, and went against his wishes to within a few inches of the creature. The creature was over 6 FT tall, with a head "in the shape of a melon" and 3 eyes, which looked at him with a fixed stare. The monster stood motionless, then suddenly reached out with its right hand and grabbed Limeres' scarf. It then turned around in a manner "scarcely human" and began to walk away in a robot-like manner, leaving deep tracks in the dirt as it did so. An unidentified white light was seen low in the sky in the direction toward which the creature was moving.

SJD Comment: Sounds a lot like the creature in "The Thing" (the Howard Hawks one, not the John Carpenter).

CE-3-004 Internet (Ira Adams)
08/21/1962 21 AUG 62

A medical doctor named Caczue was driving to the city of Parana with his wife, when he saw a flying disk. It was surrounded with the classic luminous halo described by many people previously. He saw 2 strange persons walking along the road. They were over 6 FT tall, with light hair and huge eyes. They carried luminous objects on their foreheads, and with these they made signals for the car to stop. Dr. Caczue did not want to stop, and he was convinced that he was looking at extraterrestrial beings, so he floored it.

CE-3-304 Internet (Ira Adams)
12/12/1962 12 DEC 62

A peace officer, Francisco Piania, saw last night in the very heart of Milan, to "Martians" alight from a UFO. 

"I was doing my rounds of inspection when suddenly I heard a whistling behind me. At first I thought it was my ears, but the noise grew louder. As I was going to leave the courtyard, I saw a silver-aluminum disc, shining under the moon's rays, landing. I turned abruptly and stood paralyzed with emotion. I saw a strange being about 1 meter tall coming out of the disc. His spacesuit looked silver-florescent and emitted a bluish light. He was wearing a black helmet and made a gesture toward the dome or turret rising above the disc. Another person appeared at a porthole. The first man looked at me and then signaled for me to come toward him. At that moment, the other being signalled him, and he reboarded the disc and flew off."

CE-3-304 Internet (Ira Adams)
06/16/1963 1 MAY 64

Paul Padilla said he has seen UFOs five time in those years. And once, he said, he has returned from his encounter with a roll of film. If Padilla is the victim of fantasy, it's fantasy in Kodacolor. Last June 16, he said, he spent from 2:30 pm to 4 pm with the people -- men and women -- borne by the space machine. The UFO's occupants, said Padilla, were not superhuman. But they were superior to our species in physical qualities, and in the quantity of knowledge. UFO crew members, he said, expect a large-scale renewal of volcanic activity along the volcanic rim just west of Albuquerque.

Padilla said his first UFO sighting came on the west coast, when he conversed with the occupant of a small UFO. Once Padilla sighted a UFO near Landrith. This was the largest -- about 900 FT in diameter. The object he viewed near Peralta was about 160 FT across. From it stepped a number of people from the far distant galaxy of Coma Bernices,

CE-3c-004 Internet (Ira Adams)
10/01/1963 Whidbey Island, Washington, US

Oct 1963

At 0900 a middle-aged woman, who had seen a strange object hovering near her house the previous July, observed a gray-colored object 3.5 m long, hovering less that 2 m above ground. Through the transparent front part she could see three figures. Suddenly, one of the occupants was standing on the grass. He was clothed in "asbestos-textured coveralls" and face, hands, or feet were visible. When she asked, "What do you want?" the answer, in English, was: "one of our party knows you; we will return." The object then decreased in size, tilted, partially sank into the ground, grew to its previous size, and departed to the east, producing steam, a flash, and noise. (FSR 64, 6)

(SJD comment--it would be interesting to know if they returned.)

CE-3-013 M. Cashman email to CURRENT ENCOUNTERS 7/25/98
10/19/1963 19 OCT 63 

Between Isla Verde and Monte Maiz, Argentina, truck driver Ernesto Donles told police the following story:

"I was driving my truck to Isla Verde when a luminous object -- apparently a space ship -- surrounded by a light of blinding brilliance, came down near me. Three very tall beings, dressed in strange clothes and carrying unknown kinds of weapons, came out of it towards me. I lost control of my vehicle and drove into a ditch, but I finally got back onto the road and kept on driving at high speed. The three creatures kept coming after me. A blinding red light came out of their craft. The creatures followed me for about a mile and a half. When I finally arrived at the outskirts of the town of Monte Maiz, the suddenly stopped the persecution. They then got back into their craft, which disappeared into the distance."

The incident was confirmed by other witnesses, who at the moment were at a burial and claim to have seen a

CE-3-300 Internet (Ira Adams)
04/24/1964 8 MAY 64

A Newark Valley, PA farmer encountered two beings from a landed UFO on April 24th. It was kept quiet because the FBI had been notified. Gary Cox, as described by a supervising principal of the Newark Valley Consolidated Schools, "is a good substantial farmer of fine reputation." According to Cox's story, he was spreading manure in an open field on his 300-acre farm just NE of Newark Valley. Shortly before 10 am, he decided to check another part of the farm which is almost rounded by woods, to see whether that piece of ground was ready for plowing.

As he stepped through the woods toward this spot -- about a mile from his home -- he saw a shiny object that he thought at first was a discarded refrigerator. As he came closer, he saw that it was not a refrigerator, and he thought possible it was an airplane drop tank. Cox said it was 20 FT long, 10 FT wide, and shaped like an egg. It looked like aluminum, but more durable, and seemed to have

CE-3c-204 Internet (Ira Adams)
04/25/1964 Holloman Air Force Base, N. Mexico, US

25 Apr 64

About 0530, some 12 hours after Lonnie Zamora saw the 3 creatures near Socorro, NM, US, a landing took place at Holloman AFB.

Alien craft were spotted by Holloman radar and were warned off, but apparently landed anyway. The base commander ordered an alert. Two interceptors were sent up to chase the alien ships from the area. The commander supposedly alerted both Edwards & Wright-Pat.

Three disc-shaped craft. One landed on the airfield, while two orbited. A sliding door opened & a ramp extended. Three aliens, dressed in jumpsuits & wearing some type of headdress, exited. Apparently a group of military officers were there to meet with the aliens. Communications were possible because of some type of device the aliens carried.

An air force crew was there to film the

CE-3-044 Randle/Estes, FOV pg 43-45
04/28/1964 28 APR 64 

The Lonnie Zamora Incident. 

Lonnie Zamora, a Socorro, NM policeman, was the major witness and he got to within a few yards of the UFO before it took off. He is described as a "highly reliable source." The story began with his sighting of a four-legged, egg-shaped object, and two persons, in a gully a mile south of the courthouse shortly before 6 pm. Zamora was patrolling Park Street...when he heard what he described as a blast or a roar. His first thought was that an aluminum building used to store explosives had blown up. The policeman...headed up a very rocky dirt road towards the building. On the third try, driving very slowly, he managed to get up the road which leads to the top of the mesa where the UFO had landed. He said that he first saw the object at an estimated distance of 150 YD, and thought it was an overturned car. Zamora was looking out of his car window as he drove towards the top of the mesa. He said one of two persons

CE-3-444 Internet (Ira Adams), et al (well documented)
07/16/1964 16 Jul 64

Five young boys from the Woodside Avenue area, Vonklin, NY, said they saw what appeared to be a spaceman and his vehicle in a field about 2 miles from their homes. The boys said they were walking in the field...& saw the spaceman 50-75 YD away. The mother of two of the boys, Mrs. Traveras, said she first learned of the experience when 3 of the boys came running into her house shortly after 1230 seeking a jug of water. "They said they were taking water to the spaceman. They said they couldn't understand what he said, but that it sounded like he needed water. " Two of the youngsters at first denied they had seen a spaceman, but later said they had. (They had originally been afraid their grandfather would have given them a liking for fibbing). The children were then separated & made to tell about what they had seen. Each gave the same story.

They said the creature was about the size of a small boy, had a human-looking face, & wore a black suit &

CE-3-004he creature walked toward a vehicle that was "shiny like a car bumper." The creature stepped on top the craft, when the children asked him if he need help or water. Then the creature seemed to fall backwards from the top of the vehicle & the children ran for home.


An observer who visited the field later noticed matted foliage where the boys said the vehicle was. There were also

Internet (Ira Adams)
08/11/1964 Near Hamilton, Mont, US

11 Aug 64

Darby logger Lou Smalley was driving his logging truck into the area for a load of logs. As he came out of a dip in the road, he sighted the creature on a rugged point of rocks above the road. "I got a good look at it for several seconds, and it wasn't human." Smalley commented. He said the creature was possible 5 FT tall, had a hairy or shaggy appearance & was not wearing clothing. "It stood upright like a man, but it wasn't human." As a hunter, Smalley was very familiar with animals in the area. 

There had been a slew of UFO reports from the area (the Bitter Root) for the previous 3 weeks.

CE-3-002 Internet (Ira Adams)
09/05/1964 Cisco Grove, CA, US 

5 Sep 64

Mr. S____, a young man on a bow-hunting trip, got separated from his companions and decided to hole up for the night. While seeking shelter, he saw 3 flying objects he took to be helicopters. Mr. S____ left his tree-nest and lit signal fires on the ridge overlooking Granite Creek Valley. The light he had first seen now appeared to be silvery objects circling his position. Two unknown objects were dropped by them. He took sanctuary in the lower branches of a tall pine tree. He saw 2 human-like individuals approaching his signal fires. They were garbed in silvery collarless suits, had unusual protruding eyes, and communicated with each other by unintelligible cooing noises. Mr. S____ said they were trying to dislodge him from his tree when they were joined by a third alien he called a robot. Mr. S____ fired some arrows at the robot, but failed to distract or divert any of the aliens. Then he tried lighting pieces of his clothing on fire and throwing

CE-3-223 HUR pp 210-212
01/23/1965 Near Waynesboro, Virginia, US

23 Jan 65

At Augusta Archer's archery range at Brand's Flats a local industrial worker saw 2 noiseless, unlighted flying craft, one about 20 YD across, one about 80. They were at rest on the ground some distance from him. 3 beings debarked from the smaller craft & approached within 12 yards of him. He said he froze, a double-edged axe in his hand. The being were 35-37 IN tall in his estimation. They were humanoid, except that one had very long fingers. "They seemed to look right through you," the witness said. He said they uttered sounds that were unintelligible to him, then turned around & walked back to the craft. A door opened, the three entered, & the door close, as it was as if the door molded itself to the ship--no evidence of a door after it closed.

The beings carried no weapons & did not appear hostile. They were dark in color & were wearing clothes the same color as their disk-shaped craft. The vessel was shiny looking. No

CE-3-004 Internet (Ira Adams)
01/28/1965 Near Staunton, Virginia, US

28 Jan 65

A Steven Houghton said he & 6 friends saw 3 little spacemen. They were driving in the Brands Flats, E of Staunton on US 250 when they saw what looked like a man walking toward the road from a field, but thought nothing of it until the man sat down near the road & seemed to be studying the cars passing by. They stopped the car & ran toward the man who dashed over a hill. Then two other little men appeared & also ran away.

The creatures were about 3.5 FT tall & were wearing one-piece skin-tight silver garments. The couldn't find any footprints in the muddy field where the figures were seen. 

Their report to the Staunton police brought 10 reserve policemen to the scene & Charles Wildon, a photographer. The police search at 2100, a hour after the reported incident, failed to turn up anything & the officers left. Houghton & Wilson

CE-3-004 Internet (Ira Adams)
01/30/1965 Manresa Beach, Calif, US

30 Jan 65

Sid Roderick said his "strange adventure" occurred about 0200, 30 Jan 65, when he was taking a customary night-time walk on Manresa Beach, about 1500 FT from the house where his wife & three sons were sleeping. He heard a "humming" sound & became aware of the ship some distance above him. A voice assured him, both before & after it landed, that the craft was friendly. At the invitation of a person he assumed to be the commander, a Mr. "Ziena," he entered from the ground level through a large, square door.

Inside, the ship consisted of at least 2 levels & possibly a third he didn't see. "The crew was dressed pretty much alike, in two-piece suits of bluish-white," he related. "The color was almost that of the light inside the ship, which was indirect & seemed to come from the walls. The crewmen seemed to be normal humans, of average size, wearing short dark hair that seemed never to have bee cut as though that

CE-3c-004 Internet (Ira Adams)
03/04/1965 Near Brooksville, Fla, US

4 Mar 65

NOTE: The USAF has discounted this report due to controversial "evidence" (quotes in original) in the form of two pieces of paper on which were markings the Air Force had no difficulty deciphering. It is noted that two other persons, a fisherman & a Hernando housewife, saw a strange object in the sky about the same time the witness reported the encounter.

John Raney, noted as a "resident of a trailer park 3.5 miles east of Weeki Wachee Spring & 0.75 miles NW of Highway 50, " and "a retired longshoreman from Brooklyn," saw a UFO with four-legged landing gear and 5 FT tall robot figure with human-like features while on a routine walk in the woods. 

Intel officers from MacDill AFB were called to investigate after Raney came into downtown Brooksville and showed residents two pieces of paper he said was left by the spacemen. The report was forwarded to Project Blue

CE-3-114 Internet (Ira Adams)
04/24/1965 Scoriton, Devon, England, GB

24 APR 65

In the Dartmoor area, Mr. E. A. Bryant was out walking in the country at about 1730 when he saw a large aerial object come to rest about 3 FT off the ground. An opening appeared in the side of the saucer and 3 figures appeared who were dressed in what he could only describe as "diving gear."

CE-3-104 Lorenzen, UTWS, pg 172
07/03/1965 Valensole, FR

3 Jul 65

Gendarmes said they were investigating a report by Maurice Masse, a farmer ("lavender grower"--Blum), who saw a mysterious aircraft take off from his field. Dozens of people came to see the tracks left behind by the aircraft. Masson told the police he saw the craft at dawn. With the craft was a small human form, about the size of an 8-year old child, about 3 FT tall, fat, and dressed in what could have been a spacesuit (close-fitting gray-green clothes--Blum), with at least one other being discernible inside. The tracks left by the 6 metal legs on the ground were packed hard as concrete.

When shown by Aime Michel a photograph of a model of the craft described by Lonnie Zamora, Masse wondered when Michel had taken a picture of "his engine."

CE-3-113 Internet (Ira Adams) Blum, BE 179-181
08/06/1965 Caracas, VE

6 Aug 65

Three strange beings from outer space landed on a farm laborer's corn patch at Caracas, but took off hurriedly when approached. The farm worker told reporters of a "mysterious round object" that whipped the three beings back into space and left a 40-yard circular scorch patch in his corn plot.

CE-3-112 Internet (Ira Adams)
08/10/1965 Grand Forks, N. Dakota, US

10 Aug 65

Three girls, incl. Sylvia Hoffman, pulled their car over along Belmont Road about 2330 to look at what first appeared to be a "gorgeous" harvest moon over the Lincoln Park golf course. However, the moon was in the sky *behind* them. The object was described by Hoffman as circular & transparent, blinking black & white, with little figures inside. The figures could not be distinguished--mere silhouettes. Other witnesses also observed the phenomenon.

CE-3-101 Internet (Ira Adams)
08/13/1965 Near Kent, Washington, US

13 Aug 65

Ellen Ryan (16) & Laura Ryan (13) saw three strange persons "not of human breed" at Yas Narita's bean field on Russel Road at 0700. The beings were between 5'2" & 5'5" tall, their heads had white tops where humans have hair, with very large pores and a large protrusion on the back of the head. The eyes were large & protruding & the face had no expression. Skin color description conflicting--either "very tanned" or "gray like stone" depending upon the report. The beings wore purple armless v-necked jerseys with white shirts underneath.

CE-3-101 Internet (Ira Adams)
08/14/1965 Sao Paulo, BR

14 Aug 65

Joao Do Rios was fishing near Sao Paulo when he saw a small being about 28 IN tall with large luminous eyes. In perfect Portuguese, he told Joao he was from another world, a crewman from a flying object. As proof of his visit he handed Joao a piece of "unearthly" metal. The metal is now [1965] in the hands of the National Railway wagon factory in Cuzeiro where Joao is employed.

CE-3c-113 Internet (Ira Adams)
09/04/1965 Green River Gorge, Washington, US

4 Sep 65

"This is part of a tape recording made by A. F. Salsbury (now deceased), Renton, Washington, dated September 4, 1965.

" ' Then a voice came out of the craft which sounded like it came from a loud speaker and said in a distinct, but loudly amplified tone, "Don't be afraid little Earthman, we are not going to hurt you--put down that gun and we will come out to see you." I did exactly what I was told, otherwise I didn't know what might happen or what they might do with me--and, by the way, I must have looked that way to them inside the craft. Probably in a lapse of a couple of minutes an oval-shaped door opened under the lower part of the tube next to this saucer-shaped disc and a man came out and walked slowly toward me. I would estimate he was about 6 FT tall & probable 185 LB in weight--age, 30 or so in years. He was dressed in a one-piece tight-fitting suit made of some metallic coating resembling aluminum

CE-3c-102 Internet (Ira Adams)
10/04/1965 Rio Vista, Calif, US

4 Oct 65

Mrs. Betty Valdone was outside at night with her 12-year-old son, Robbie, when they observed a large UFO, complete with a crew of 3. The object was round and had a dome on top. She could see three people at its windows.

CE-3-102 Internet (Ira Adams)
10/23/1965 Long Prairie, MN, US

23 Oct 65

"J.F.T", 19, radio announcer for KEYL saw 3 "things" resembling tin cans with arms the size of match sticks projecting from their sides and with tripod legs, at about 1915 on Highway 27. His engine stopped and lights went out. He saw an object resembling a rocket ship in the center of the road. It was about 30 FT tall & 10 FT dia & was sitting on fins. The creatures were under the ship. They were the size and shape of a beer can with thin arms & fin-like legs. They scooted back under the ship, which took off. The landing site was investigated by Long Prairie Police Officer Laverne Luwitz. "The only thing we found were three strips of an oil-like substance on the road. They were a yard long and four inches apart, all parallel with the road. I don't know what they were, but I've looked at a lot of roads and never saw anything like them before."

Also investigated by Dr. Hynek himself over the telephone.

CE-3-111 Internet (Ira Adams)
12/20/1965 Herman, Minn, US

20 Dec 65

15-year-old Edward Burns was driving his dad's pickup toward home about 2345. When he was about .25 MI from the turn into the neighbor's farm, his headlights picked up a dark, oval-shaped object hovering about 6 FT over the road ahead of him. This was 5 MI west & 2 MI south of Herman. The UFO covered the entire road & looked like a huge light, a mixture of red & white. He came within "a telephone pole" distance of the object before he saw it. The engine & lights on the pickup went out & he wound up in the ditch. He said he saw something shaped like a man but all green moving inside the UFO.

SJD comment: Sounds like a tale to explain why he cracked up his dad's truck.

CE-3-002 Internet (Ira Adams)
03/27/1966 On US 70 in southern OK, US

About 27 Mar 1966

Eddie Laxson, 56, "calm, solid sort," a civilian instructor at Sheppard AFB, Wichita Falls, TX, was driving along highway when he saw a strange-looking object blocking the road. Object looked like a conventional aircraft fuselage w/o wings or motors, also described as "like a perch-fish seen from the side." Plexiglas-like bubble on top, like a B-47 canopy. As Laxson approached, he saw a man wearing a baseball cap ("mechanic's cap with brim rolled up") enter the object by steps in the back. Object took off with a high-speed-drill kind of sound and left at approx. 700 MPH.

On the side of the craft was "TLA" and some numbers ending in "38."

Object also seen by a trucker, C. W. Anderson.

CE-3-221 HUR, pp 208-210
03/31/1966 San Francisco, Calif, US

31 Mar 66

A large UFO landed in the city of San Francisco. It was seen by staffers at the National JACI office at about 0630. Mrs. Helen Fugyama, Mrs. Chiz Yuki. It was about 60 FT long & 30 FT from top to bottom, pulsing with a blue & orange light. There were three windows on the side, through which Mrs. Yuki saw creatures who did not look like humans. One was waving & she waved, too. Sighting lasted until 0641.

CE-3-102 Internet (Ira Adams)
04/01/1966 Mansfield, Ohio, US

approx 1 Apr 66

A man who asked that his identity not be disclosed reported parking his car near the new Mansfield-OSU campus between 2200 & 2400 & sighting a round object with two lights that landed near the new campus building. He said that a door in the UFO opened & he was able to see a very thin child-like figure.

CE-3-103 Internet (Ira Adams)
07/31/1966 Erie, Penn, US

31 JUL 66

Betty Cline of Jamestown, NY, US told police a craft suddenly appeared & landed about 300 YD from the car she was sitting in with Douglas Tbot of Greenhurst, NY, US. (The car was "stuck in the sand.") Craft was mushroom-shaped with a narrow base rising to an oval structure, w/lights on the back. A police car pulled up & the officer accompanied the kids to about where the craft had landed. The horn sounded on the car & they ran back. There was a "thing" by the car. *About 6 FT tall. Humanoid, drawn by the girl as like a gorilla, apparently featureless.

Patrolmen the next day found strange markings in the sand where the craft had landed. The impressions were triangularly shaped, about 8 IN deep at the apex, Then sloping upward to an area that was rounded and smooth. Going from there to within 1 FT of where the car was stuck in the sand, a pattern of conically shaped imprints, staggered as if made by a walking

CE-3-302 Internet (Ira Adams)
08/17/1966 Edinboro, PA, US

17 AUG 66

"The so-called monster seen on the Erie PA Peninsula has been reportedly seen at Edinboro, PA, just a few miles south of Erie. Brett Butler of Edinboro & six other witnesses saw 'a creature' near Edinboro Lake. Butler claimed the figure resembled the drawing made by a Jamestown, NY girl....The 6-FT tall 'person or thing' was seen by the seven on a peninsula jutting into a swampy area at the north end of the lake. The witnesses fired at the creature on two occasions with the weapons they had along."

CE-3-101 Internet (Ira Adams)
08/22/1966 Malvern, Arkansas, US

22 AUG 66

Six days after UFOs were seen in the area, Faber Miles, a Malvern merchant, reported a "creature" about 8 FT tall changing in color from red to orange to yellow. Sightings were between 20 & 500 FT. Observations were made simultaneously by two reliable persons. Mr. Niles was able to snap a picture of the 'thing' from his window. The local newspaper said they would release the photo as soon as it was cleared by authorities.

Mr. Adams notes: "Those 'authorities' apparently never cleared the photo for release, since there is no record of the photo ever appearing in a newspaper."

CE-3-301 Internet (Ira Adams)
11/03/1966 On Interstate 77 between Marietta, OH & Parkerberg, West Virginia, US

3 NOV 66

Woodrow Duesenberg was driving his truck when he was paced by a charcoal-gray UFO having a flat bottom & a dome-shaped top. It blocked the highway & a man stepped out, approached the tuck, & told Duesenberg to roll down the window. " 'In a 5 to 10 minutes conversation,' he said, the man communicated through 'thought waves or mental telepathy.' Duesenberg said his (the alien's lips were closed in a fixed smile.' "

Duesenberg described the "spaceman" as 6 FT tall, 35-40 years old "by our standards," a dark complexion & clothing described as "blue & quite shiny, having a glistening effect."

CE-3c-003 Internet (Ira Adams)
02/24/1967 Osorno, Chili 

24 FEB 67

A "well-known & respected engineer" reported seeing a disk-shaped craft land not far from him. Seconds after landing, a strange creature emerged wearing some sort of transparent outfit. The being was one meter & 50 cm tall (54"), had very white face & hands, pronounced jawbone & no discernible nose. When the creature spotted the engineer, he got back in the craft & it took off.

CE-3-303 Lorenzen, UOTA, pg 59
03/01/1967 Eden, NY, US 

01 MAR 67

At about 0100, while out raccoon hunting, Dewitt Baxter of Buffalo heard a funny noise and saw a flying saucer that had landed close by. While he was watching, a door like a sliding elevator door opened and a man walked out. He was human-like, neither Negroid nor Caucasoid, having black curly hair, dressed in a black, tight-fitting suit like a flight suit and had on some sort of helmet and goggles. 

He asked Baxter where he was doing, & was told Baxter was hunting. He examined the shotgun and gave it back. Baxter reported the man talked very plainly with no accent. When the man had returned to the ship and departed, Baxter could find neither traces of the ship nor footprints of the man.

CE-3c-103 Internet (Ira Adams)
03/28/1967 Munroe Falls, Ohio, US

28 MAR 67

Between 0220 and 0230, David Morris was driving home from work when he noticed an orange-red glow on the other side of the hill. After he went over the hill, he saw a wedge- or cone-shaped object 25-30 YD away to the left in a wheat field. It appeared to be 25 FT tall & 12 FT wide at the base, with a ball-shape at the apex of the cone. 

The car was still in motion during the sighting. When his attention returned to the road, Morris saw 4-5 figures running back and forth across the road. Humanoid, with stocky build, they glowed orange-red like the UFO. He slammed on the brakes, but still hit one. Fearing for his life, he quickly drove away from the scene.

Investigation of the site with a friend the next afternoon, revealed skid marks on the road but no footprints nor any indication that anything had been hit by an auto at that spot. The car, kept in mint condition by Morris,

CE-3-102 Internet (Ira Adams); Lorenzen, UOTA, pp 36-37
07/31/1967 Churchville Park, NY, US

31 JUL 67

At 2315, Sidney Zipkin, a guard, came across an alien craft in the main parking lot off North Main Street. It was about 50 FT long, round in the center with extended sides that gave it the shape of a fat cigar. Zipkin saw green lights underneath. He stopped his truck about 100 FT away, training the headlights on the craft. To midget-like men, dressed in shiny black uniforms, ran past the truck and boarded the craft, which then ascended vertically.

Four hours after Kipzin's experience, the sighting of another UFO over the same area was confirmed by over 30 witnesses.

CE-3-302 Internet (Ira Adams); Lorenzen, UOTA, pg 64
08/02/1967 Witness approached by small humanoid in a silver suit who requested a physical exam. Results: no ear holes, heart sounded like that of a fetus, eyes completely round, trunk extremely long, 10 teeth--5 up & 5 down arranged with one "double" tooth in the middle and two on each side. CE-3c-203 Lorenzen, UFOs Over The Americas (UOTA), pg 75
08/03/1967 Caracas, VE

3 AUG 67

Sleeping in their car because of danger of earthquakes, the de S's at 2330 saw a luminous whitish object about 25-30 FT diameter shaped like two dishes lip-to-lip. The object was hanging over a palm tree. A door opened in the bottom of the craft, and a smaller, light-bulb shaped object descended, much like a rescue cage from a helicopter, although no cable was visible. When the small object was within a few inches of the ground, it stopped and a door opened in its side, through which stepped a little man in silvery clothes that were luminous like the other objects. The temperature was about 55 degrees, and Mrs. de S saw vapor around the creature's head which she interpreted to be condensation from its breath. The being picked up some stones & examined them, looking up to the larger object as if he was conversing with someone inside. He then dropped the stones, went in to the small craft which ascended into the larger craft, which then left.

CE-3-334 Lorenzen, UOTA, pp 44-45
08/07/1967 Caracas, VE

7 AUG 67

At approx. 0200, Pedro Riera was startled out of a sound sleep by a shaking of the bed. He saw a creature b y his bed. He jumped out of bed, whereupon, the little man "flew" or "soared" out the open window. Mr. Riera was blinded by multicolored beams of light when he looked out the window. The next morning, he and some friends found a semicircular scuff mark as well as footprints that led to the balcony. Riera's uncle, Civil Air Captain Georgio Armando, was convinced Riera had seen what he said.

CE-3-211 Lorenzen, UOTA, pg 77
08/23/1967 Joyceville, Ontario, CA

23 AUG 67

An alien craft resting on the ground was spotted from Highway 15 near Joyceville by Stanley Moxon of Toronto, CA. He saw a green light in a field to his right between Joyceville and Glen Cove Road, 40 MI SW of Smith Falls. He turned off his lights and drove down a side road. A few minutes later he turned on his lights, and "they shone on a huge disc-shaped craft. Two beings, about 4 FT in height and wearing white suits and helmets were startled by the lights and appeared to fly back to the disc," which then took off.

CE-3-102 Internet (Ira Adams); Lorenzen, UOTA, pp 32-33
09/02/1967 Hato Viejo, VE

2 SEP 67

Nelson Gutierrez encountered a UFO on the Plains Highway near the Hato Viejo farm. Out of the object came a creature (not further described). Mr. Gutierrez took several snapshots. "If the claims...have any substance, an official agency in Venezuela may have the first photographs of a UFO occupant.

CE-3-104 Lorenzen, UOTA, pg 78
09/04/1967 Valencia, Carobobo State, VE

4 SEP 67

On duty at City Hall, Police Officer Antonio Andrade heard a humming sound at approx. 0515 and then the sound of light footsteps coming from the garage. He went to investigate, taking his "hand machine gun" (machine pistol?). He was confronted by a small man about 4 FT tall, with a big head an bulging eyes that gave off a soft reddish light, wearing a silver-colored metallic-looking coverall. A voice from the roof said in Spanish, "Don't do him any harm.. We are on a peaceful mission. He'll do you no harm."

He turned and saw a disc-shaped object hovering in mid-air and wobbling from side to side. The little man then said to Officer Andrade that they indeed meant him no harm, that they wanted him to come as a guest to their world, which was very distant & much larger than Earth, with many advantages for earthlings. Officer Andrade declined, saying that he could not leave his post. The little

CE-3-304 Lorenzen, UOTA, pg 82
09/17/1967 Belo Horizonte, Brazil

17 SEP 67

In the vicinity of Baleia Hospital, Fabio Jose Diniz saw a mushroom shaped object on a playing filed nearby. It appeared to be a huge thing with a cupola on top and a door "like a guillotine" that opened by sliding up. He turned to run, but then heard a voice in perfect Portuguese tell him to stay "or you'll regret it." He turned back & saw two men nearly two meters tall, having greenish skin metallic-looking clothes, with regular features but with hoses in their mouths. They told him not to be afraid, but to come back the same time next day for a journey into space.

When reporting the incident to police, Fabio also asked for protection, as he was now afraid to go near the area.

CE-3-104 Lorenzen, UOTA, pg 85
10/24/1967 Newfield, NY US

24 OCT 67

At about 2130, Donald Chiszar, 13, and Pat Crosier, 10, spotted a bright object that approached from the north, then stopped in mid-air. At this point the craft tilted toward them and they could see "two big square windows separated by a bar." At each window they could see an alien. They had appearance similar to human, but with a bumpiness like rocks. The figures were visible only down to the hips. The hips were larger & seemed to jut out more sharply than on a human. No facial features were visible. Behind the creatures were a lot of instruments & knobs.

CE-3-103 Lorenzen, UOTA, pg 180
11/02/1967 Ririe, Idaho, US

2 NOV 67

Will Begay & Clyde Soccie reported that a UFO landed atop their car and forced them off the road. Two small people, about 4 FT tall, got out of the saucer & tried to talk to them, but the two men couldn't understand a word. Frustrated, the occupants got back in the saucer & took off.

The police said that the strangest thing about the report was that the two men were sober.

CE-3-103 Lorenzen, UOTA, pg 178
01/07/1970 Imjarvi, Mikkeli, FI

7 Jan 70

The witnesses heard a buzzing & saw a bright light in the sky. The light was engulfed by a reddish gray mist with smoke puffing from the top. As the cloud neared the ground, they noticed a metallic sphere inside. Under the sphere were three hemispheres & a central tube. A the object hovered about 10 FT from the ground, a light from the tube shone on the ground, creating a 3 FT diameter circle. Inside the beam of light, standing on the ground, was a 3 FT tall creature holding a small box at waist height. The creature wore light green coveralls, dark green boots, white gloves, and a dunce like cap.

The creature pointed the box at Heinonen. As he did so, a thick reddish gray mist came from the object. Huge long red, green, & purple sparks shot from the circle of light. Although the sparks hit both men, they felt nothing. The mist continued to thicken, obscuring the small creature. 

CE-3-103 Randle/Estes, FOV pg 46048
01/07/1972 23 miles E of Deming, NM, US

June or July 72

Ms. McAfee & her mother were driving on Interstate 10. A bright blue light flashed on them from a short distance away, seemingly from their lane.

McAfee saw an object ahead of her & prepared to pull around it. She & her mother saw 2 creatures standing under a craft that neither woman could later describe. The bright light seemed to be above them, hiding the shape of their craft. There were black rods about 4-5 IN wide near the creatures. They were 5.5=6 FT tall & robust. They wore suits like spacesuits or full-environmental suits with helmets, gloves, and boots. Neither seemed interested in the women & both continued working as the car passed them.

Randle/Estes reliability rating: 8. However, they suggest that there is a real possibility that they saw an American experimental craft & crew, given the location & description of the

CE-3-300 Randle/Estes, FOV pp 52-54
12/30/1972 "boondocks", AR

30 Dec 72

At about 2230, Ventura Maceiras, an illiterate night watchman, was listening to the radio outside the wooden shack that is his home, when suddenly the transistor radio began to fail. Impact adjustment did not work, so he switched off. He noticed a humming "like angry bees." Looking up, he saw a bright light hovering over a nearby grove of eucalyptus trees. He could see an enormous object in the midst of the light, whose color changed from orange to purple. At the center of the object, he could see a round cabin with windows, and through the windows, two figures. They had on helmets & what looked like gray diver's suits, made of inflated tubes joined together to give an accordion effect (the accompanying drawing looks like an old-fashioned SF constant-pressure space suit). Both aliens had slanting eyes & slits for mouths. He could see instruments & dials within the cabin. 

A bright flash of light shot out from

CE-3-113 Blum, BE, pp146-145
01/04/1973 Simi Valley, CA, US

4 Oct 73

Chopic saw a triangular object landed near the Simi Freeway. Chopic watched as a humanoid creature crawled around inside a transparent bubble on top. When the occupant saw Chopic, it scrambled out of sight. The bubble then disappeared into the craft as a fog enveloped the craft.

CE-3-102 Randle/Estes, FOV Pg 286
10/01/1973 Anthony Hill, TN, US

1 Oct 73

Three teenagers reported seeing an egg-shaped UFO and a hairy robot that walked with its hands up. Imprints from the landing gear of the craft were later found.

CE-3-112 Randle/Estes, FOV pg 286
10/06/1973 Saint Matthaias, Quebec, CA

6 Oct 73

A man and his wife watched a "dome-shaped tent" hover near a cloud of smoke. Later they saw a small bulldozer and 5 "scouts" near it wearing bright yellow clothes. After the object, the scouts, and the smoke disappeared, they found an area where the grass had been matted.

SJD comment: What happened to the 'dozer?

CE-3-102 Randle/Estes, FOV pg 286
10/11/1973 Pascagoula, MA, US

11 Oct 73

Hickson & Parker abduction. Robotic creatures with cone-shaped projections from front, back & both sides of heads. Legs seemed to be fused.

CE-4-144 Randle/Estes, FOV pp 154-159, 287
10/16/1973 Burbank, CA, US

16 Oct 73

Two small children reported a buzzing UFO. The being invited the older boy into the object, but the boy was afraid.

CE-3-102 Randle/Estes, FOV pg 287
10/17/1973 Lehi, UT, US

17 Oct 73

Roach reported seeing occupants from a UFO that landed in a vacant field close to her house. The creatures removed her and four of her children. The youngest reported that some neighbors were also on the craft. The abduction lasted for about thirty minutes.

CE-4-104 Randle/Estes, FOV pp 220, 287
10/17/1973 Berea, TN, US

17 Oct 73

Cline, awakened by barking dogs, spotted a being with a glowing white face about 50' away. A nearby farm saw lights from a UFO in the woods and the next day landing traces were found.

CE-3-112 Randle/Estes, FOV pg 287
10/17/1973 Falkville, AL, US

17 Oct 73

Chief of Police Greenhaw spotted an alien while investigating a report of a landed UFO. He managed to take a photograph, which many claim shows someone posing in a NASA fire-fighting suit, but this could be the only legitimate photograph of an alien creature. The creature fled down the road with Greenhaw in pursuit. He lost it when his car slid off the road.

CE-3-330 Randle/Estes, FOV pp 252-254, 287
10/17/1973 Danielsville, GA, US

17 Oct 73

When a cone-shaped UFO landed on the highway in front of his car, Brown was forced to make a quick stop. 2 beings 4 or 5 FT tall appeared under the craft. Brown got out of his car, pistol in hand. The aliens returned to their craft and Brown fired several shots at it without effect.

CE-3-102 Randle/Estes, FOV pg 288
10/17/1973 Loxley, GA, US

17 Oct 73

Patterson claimed that he and his truck were sucked into a huge UFO. He was dragged from his truck by 6 tall robots that seemed to read his mind. The next thing he knew, he was back on the highway driving 90 mph.

SJD comment: Sounds like __This Island Earth__

CE-4-004 Randle/Estes, FOV pg 288
10/18/1973 Chatham, VA, US

18 Oct 73

Two youngsters were chased by a 3-4 FT tall being with a shimmering body and a large head that ran sideways. A hazy green cloud was seen drifting away.

CE-3-102 Randle/Estes, FOV pg 288
10/18/1973 Savannah, GA, US

18 Oct 73

A tiny being was seen standing by the highway. Although a number of cars passed it, no one got out of the car.

CE-3-001 Randle/Estes, FOV pg 288; Blum, BE, pp 141-142
10/18/1973 (Unknown) US

18 Oct 73

After Susan Ramstead's car stalled as she approached a landed UFO, she saw a number of small aliens. She was taken aboard the craft for a mental & physical exam before being returned to her car.

CE-4-102 Randle/Estes, FOV pg 288
10/19/1973 Ashburn, GA, US

19 Oct 73

A woman's car stalled, and when she pulled to the side of the road, she saw a small metallic man with a bubble-dome head and rectangular eyes. It walked around the car and then disappeared. Afterward she discovered that her engine was billowing smoke and the hood was hot.

CE-3-101 Randle/Estes, FOV pg 289
10/19/1973 Copeland, NC, US

19 Oct 73

After spotting a blue oval hovering over their house, a farm couple saw a small humanoid in a gold-colored jumpsuit.

CE-3-102 Randle/Estes, FOV pg 289
10/20/1973 (Unknown), US

20 Oct 73

Proctor, a college student, on her way home, disappeared for four days. When she surfaced she told a tale of abduction at the hands of several small aliens. Unlike the others abducted during this wave, she was held by the aliens for several days while she was subjected to a battery of tests.

Randle/Estes, __Faces of the Visitors__ (FOV), labels this a "probable hoax."

CE-4-014 Randle/Estes, FOV pg 289
10/21/1973 Cloverdale, OH, US

21 Oct 73

A mother and son saw a gray humanoid near a landed UFO. The being was surrounded by a bell jar-shaped area of light. Ground traces were found.

SJD comment: Don't know if "gray" is a simple description or a type in this case.

CE-3-113 Randle/Estes, FOV pg 289
10/22/1973 Hartford City, IN, US

22 Oct 73

Debbie Carney saw 2 small beings in silver suits slowly crossing the road in front of her. As she drove past, they shouted as if they were trying to scare her.

SJD comment: With no craft reported, sounds like early trick-or-treat to me.

CE-3-100 Randle/Estes, FOV pg 289
10/22/1973 Hartford City, IN, US

22 Oct 73

The Donathans saw a pair of beings in bright silver jumping and leaping near the road. Donathan said the beings appeared to be dancing.

SJD Comment: No craft reported. More trick-or-treaters.

CE-3-100 Randle/Estes, FOV pg 290
10/22/1973 Hartford City, IN, US

22 Oct 73

Having heard about the sightings (see Donathan & Carney entries) Gary Flatter went out in search of the two beings. After watching a line of small animals running across the road, Flatter spotted the 2 creatures. When he turned his spotlight on them, they turned to him, their suits reflecting the light. Flatter said the creatures had egg-shaped heads & wore what appeared to be gas masks. The aliens then leaped away. The next day imprints were found in the field.

CE-3-113 Randle/Estes, FOV pg 290
10/29/1973 Bahis Blanca, AR

28 Oct 73

Dionisio Llanca, a truck driver, saw a glowing blue UFO hovering near him. 3 beings, about 5' tall in tight-fitting clothes, approached him. He claims he was taken on board & given a message to be revealed some time later. He claimed to have been on board the craft for about 40 min. "The authenticity of the case has been seriously questioned."--FOV

CE-4-003 Randle/Estes, FOV pg 290
11/02/1973 Gofftown, NH, US

2 Nov 73

Behind the oval window of a glowing, yellow-orange honeycomb-covered UFO, Lyndia Morel saw a figure with wrinkled grayish skin & large egg-shaped eyes. She panicked, fled from her car, and managed to awaken a farmer who let her into her house. When he went out, the UFO was gone.

CE-3-102 Randle/estes, FOV pg 290
11/04/1973 Goffstown, NH, US

4 Nov 73

Awakened, Rex Snow saw 2 small beings in silver suits in his backyard. They had oversize pointed ears, dark egg-shaped eye holes, and large noses. One held a flashlight while the other gathered samples & put them in a silver bag. Snow had seen a UFO earlier in the evening.

CE-3-100 Randle/Estes, FOV pg 291
12/19/1973 Vilvoorde, BE

19 Dec 73

The witness saw a green glow through the kitchen curtains. When he pulled them aside he saw a small man using what might have been a metal detector in the garden. His shiny one-piece suit glowed with the green light that had attracted the witnesses attention. On the head was a transparent globular helmet with a tube that ran down to a backpack.

The witness shined a flashlight on the being, which turned toward his with his entire body, rather than just the head. The creature raised its hand & gave a V sign, then turned & walked off toward the rear wall of the garden. When it reached the wall, it continued walking straight up the wall, but it remained perpendicular the surface of the wall, and down the other side. Moments later, the witness saw a small craft in the distance.

Randle/Estes reliability rating: 3

CE-3-102 Randle/Estes, FOV pp 59-61
09/17/1978 Torrita di Siena, IT

17 SEP 1978

At about 2015, a woman & her son saw a descending red ball illuminating the area & watched house lights blackout.

Shortly afterwards a barber got in his car & drove a few meters, then his engine & lights went out as a bright object descended over the road just ahead of his car.

Hovering a half-meter (1.5 FT) over the road was a 3 meter (10 FT) diameter domed disc with three light beams extending to the road. A panel opened and 2 humanoids about 1.2 meters (4 FT) tall & wearing green coveralls and helmets with antennae floated toward the car. They circled the car, apparently more interested in it than in the passengers, then they entered the UFO which took off in a flash of light and explosive sound.

Three scorched circles about 50 CM in diameter were found on the road surface, apparently corresponding to

CE-3-113 Hall, UG, p 297
05/15/1992 South Dade, Florida, US

May 1992

For several hours I [Filler] talked on the phone with k.t.[sic] Frankovich, who is an especially credible and well-qualified wildlife expert. She is a writer and had made numerous films while traveling around the world to study dangerous animals. In early 1992, she moved into her apartment in South Dade, Florida that had an inscription on the front door, stating "MAY GOD PROTECT US." She was also warned by neighbors that very scary things go on in the Lime Grove behind her home! k.t. had studied and worked with alligators, snakes, and some of the world's most dangerous animals. To her standards a lime grove is tame in comparison with swamps and wild jungles. Despite the warnings, she often took her four attack dogs for a walk in the miles of thick trees. Since two dogs are easier to handle, she took two of her attack dogs for a walk at sunset in May of 1992. The grove was abandoned and only sporadically had she seen a few lime-pickers. At dusk,

CE3 Filler's files # 14
04/01/1996 Mason, Michigan, US

1 April 1996

From the National UFO Reporting Center Website

Summary: "Alien" body. decomposing, with silvery skin, approx. 36 IN - 48 IN tall, was found by Mason residents under leaves in their yard.

The Lansing State Journal along with WILX and WLNS television stations, both in Lansing, initially reported that residents of Mason, MI uncovered a strange humanoid-like body on their property as they raked leaves in the spring months of 1996. The body was slender with long arms and legs, an small head, and...large eyes. The body was reported to be 3.5 - 4 FT in length with silver skin that was deteriorating (presumably over the winter). The news sources reported that the remains had been taken to Michigan State University in East Lansing for examination. Suspiciously, there was never again any mention of this unusual find in the

CE-3-001 NUFORC Website
10/24/1998 24 OCT 1998

Grand Mere, Quebec, Canada

The central office of the AQU (Association Quebecoise d'Ufologie) recently 

pondered on a rather uncommon case.

"The call concerned a sighting report made by a woman residing in Grand-Mere 

of which the description of the events remain one of the most mysterious to 

have been given to us since the creation of the AQU," said chairman Gilles 


On Site

Three AQU representatives, along with representative Pauline Mongrain, who 

crossed the St. Maurice (river) in order to verify the authenticity of 

certain facts observed by the witness, went over to see this information for 


"It was 8:30 p.m. on the night of

his case her sister," related Milot.

These two entities were described by the witness as being dressed like 

astronauts, wearing some kind of helmet on their heads. "One of the creatures 

was leaning over and seemed to be picking something up off the ground. The 

other stood nearby. According to the witness, when they walked, they seemed 

Skyopen # 62
02/02/1999 McMinnville, Oregon, US

2 February 1999

From Filler's Files #6:

"I know this might sound crazy but it is totally true. My friends and I were camping on his ranch about a mile from his house. We were sitting around the fire and we heard some noises in the bushes. So we went over to check it out. We came upon some weird footprints in the mud. There was a circle with 4 lines leading away from it (guess they would be toes). So we followed them. The curiosity got the best of us. We went through the woods and into a meadow when we saw something that looked like a walking tree except for the head. The creature was walking through the meadow at a more than casual pace. When we went to use a flashlight to look at

CE-3-000 Filler's Files #6