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UFO Darts "To and Fro" at Italian Airport
November 30, 1973

Richard Hall:
Pilot Riccardo Marano was about to land at Caselle Airport, Turin Italy, in a Piper Navajo, when the controller notified him that there was a UFO about 400 meters (1,320 feet) above the runway. He looked and saw a luminous, multicolored ball of light changing from violet to blue to dark red. "When I got closer and had a better view," he said, "the object at once made off, flying in a most irregular fashion, maneuvering in a way I have seen no plane do, making fantastic lateral deviations, and sudden vast jumps to and fro, as if it enjoyed playing hide-and-seek. . .  Its speed was as high as 900 km per hour [540 mph]."

Col. Rustichelli, commandant of the Caselle military airfield, said he had seen the UFO on his own radar screen. It was something solid, lit up, like a plane on my radar..."

Commander Tranquillo, pilot of an Alitalia Air Line DC-9 en route from Turin to Rome, called to the control tower: "I see a shining thing giving out intermittent flashes of light, four miles from me. I dare not approach. I give way."

Commander Mezzalami in another Alitalia DC-9 said: "I was able to observe the object - - - notified by the control tower just as I was about to touch down. I had a good view of it....I can offer no theories as to its significance, and can only say that it was something very strange indeed. (66)

Page 132, The UFO Evidence, Volume II

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