Form 97-AR
Date: Saturday, 26 Nov 2005

From: Joan Woodward, Animal Reaction Specialist
Subject: Groveton MO, February 9, 1968

Cat: 4


Animal Reaction Feature:

In the early morning darkness, the witness heard cows in a pasture in front of his house bawling as if frightened.  He looked out a window and saw a large circular object hovering 20 to 25 feet above the ground and 300 to 350 feet from the house.  The glow associated with the object was bright enough that the witness could see furniture in the house, could see limbs on trees, and the fence between the pasture and house.  The glow also allowed him to see the cattle that were in a rough semicircle about 100 to 200 feet from the object.   Some cows with calves were bawling and being answered by calves.  Then one cow whirled and ran toward the barn, followed within seconds by all the others.  Throughout the sighting there was a distinct swishing sound (like a piece of wire whirled at high speed) with a pulsating rhythm.


The Sighting:

This sighting is included on the list of Blue Book “Unknowns (#12235).”  The time of the sighting was reported as 4:30 am by Skylook (1970) and as 3:20 am by Hynek (1977).

The witness resides on a farm.  He is nearsighted (but can drive without glasses) and viewed these events without glasses.  Hynek felt he was a stable, factual witness.

His house sits ¼ mile from a road and the pasture is between the house and the road.


After being alerted as described above and seeing the cattle run toward the barn, the witness focused on the object.  He saw a circular object estimated as 100 feet in diameter with at least one concave side from which came yellow-green light.  The witness saw 7 openings in the center of the concave side.  Without glasses he was not sure if the openings were round or square, but estimated them to be 2 to 2.5 feet in diameter. 


The duration of the sighting was estimated with uncertainty, but was probably greater than 1 minute and less than 5 minutes.  The object departed by rapidly rising at a 45 degree angle but maintained the horizontal position the craft held during hovering.  On departure, the swishing sound became 2-3 times louder and the pulsations became more rapid.


Source: See Skylook  article for helicopter considerations (inserted below).


Skylook #33, August 1970


Old Missouri Report Carried in air Force Files


     At approximately 4:30 am on Feb. 9, 1968, the observer was awakened by several of his cows bawling.  The observer rushed to his living room and sighted a craft that was estimated to be 100 feet in diameter and had concave sides.  A bright yellow-green light came from the concave sides of the craft and the craft itself produced a pulsating sound similar to a piece of wire whirled at high speed above a person’s head.  During this time the cows were reportedly staring at the object which the observer estimated to be about 100 to 200 feet away and about 25 feet above the ground.  Finally the cows whirled and ran into the barn.  Shortly afterward the craft moved away rapidly toward the southwest.  At this time the noise was reportedly two or three times louder than the sound pulsations were more rapid.   The duration of the sighting was 1 to 5 minutes.  Note: The observer is somewhat near sighted but was not wearing his glasses during the observation.


      Comments: Several police departments and several airports in the area stated that they had not seen anything unusual and no one had reported any similar object to them.  None of the airports that responded to the request for information had any helicopter activity in the area but several thought the description somewhat similar to that of a turbine helicopter, especially with respect to the sound.  However, because no definite helicopter activity could be placed in the area at the time of the sighting, the report is carried as unidentified in Air Force files.


Credit: Ted Phillips, Jr.





Hynek, J. Allen, 1977, The Hynek UFO Report, Dell Publishing Co., NY, p. 193-195.


The Case of the Bawling Cattle


      I personally investigated this next CE-II in the latter days of Blue Book.  It was a single-witness case, if one does not count the cattle as “witnesses.”  The sighting took place near Groveton, Missouri, on February 9, 1968, at 3:20 A.M.  The story begins with a letter:


                                                                                 February 9, 1968

            To the Hon. Robert McNamara

            Secretary of Defense

            Department of Defense

            The Pentagon

            Washington, D.C. 20301


            Dear Sir:


I reside on a farm approximately thirty miles north of Kansas City, Missouri.  The residence is approximately one quarter of a mile back from the highway with a pasture in front of the dwelling.  I am employed in town and operate a cow herd and all-grass farm.  If there is a disturbance among the cattle, I arise to their bawling as would a mother to her crying child.

   Last night I heard several cows bawl as if frightened or scared.  I immediately jumped out of bed and ran to the picture window in my living room.  It was a dark night but there was a distinct glow giving off considerable light immediately in front of the house (approximately three hundred to three hundred and fifty feet away).  It made sufficient light for me to maneuver around the card table left in the middle of the room and to see the cattle in the pasture in a rough semicircle to the left of the light glow.

   As my vision adjusted from darkness to this moderate light, I was able to see parts of what appeared to be a tremendous circular object, reproduced as best I can on the attached sketch.

   The light was a yellowish-green and came from the concave side of the craft.  I could not tell whether it came from the translucent surface or was reflected from the base of the craft against a shiny surface and then back to the ground.  In any event, there was sufficient light to see the major limbs on some of the walnut trees, a stump, the cows, the fence in the foreground, and other details.

   The object appeared to be at least one hundred feet in diameter, and to be hovering twenty to twenty-five feet above the ground . . . Although I could not say that it was not on the ground or possibly higher in the air.  There were definitely seven openings or portholes in the approximate center of the concave side.  Their spacing would indicate that if the craft were in fact round, there were probably sixteen of these equally spaced around the craft.  I could not see distinctly enough to see if they were square, rectangular, oval, or round.  It was difficult to arrive at a perspective to judge their size, but I would guess that they were two feet to approximately thirty inches in diameter.  I saw no door or distinct opening.  I saw no living thing enter or depart the craft.  I have no idea whether I watched half a minute or five minutes, I was so entranced by the sight.

   I have been losing a cow or two now and then, undoubtedly stolen without a trace.  My first reaction on hearing the cows was that someone was among them.  On seeing the craft, I remember thinking, “No wonder I have found no evidence!  They are being hauled of by air!”  At that point I had no idea of what I saw as being a possible UFO, but rather as some monstrous helicopter or other craft.

   Some of the cows were staring at the object from perhaps one or two hundred feet away.  Cows with younger calves were bawling and some of the calves were answering.  Finally, one cow whirled and ran with tail high towards the barn.  The others followed and in only a few seconds, there were no cattle in sight.  The craft remained some little time after the cows departed, but I have no idea whether this was half a minute or considerably longer.  It was during this time that I concentrated on the object in an attempt to make out all the details that I could.

   All during this time there had been a distinct noise that I had difficulty in describing.  It sounded something like the swish of a piece of wire which one might whirl around above his head at a high speed and yet it had a pulsating rhythm of some kind.  [Note earlier case, which described the sound as similar to that of a “whip swishing through the air.”]  When the craft departed, this noise became two or three times louder and the sound of pulsations were more rapid.  The craft moved away rapidly to the southwest, arising at about a forty-five-degree angle without the craft being tilted in any way from the horizontal position it had maintained at or above ground level…


     Maj. Quintanilla asked me to look into the case via telephone and after doing so, I reported to him: “Mr. ____’s manner of speech was careful, and he made no attempt to embellish his story or to do anything other than stick to the facts.  He did not desire publicity and has not mentioned the incident to anyone other than in his letter.  He feels no good could come of talking about it.  I would have to give Mr. _____ a very good rating as to stability and un-excitability.  He is, however, nearsighted and although he tells me that he can drive without glasses, he rarely does.  Had he had his glasses on, he feels that he could have observed more details that he did.”


     Blue Book did not, of course, consider it worthwhile to expend time and money for me to visit this witness to get a face-to-face account.   A visit to the actual point of sighting is immensely helpful, for it enables the investigator to ask more relevant questions, questions that might not otherwise come to mind.  But alas, in this case, such a visit never took place.  Blue Book simply stuck on a label, [unidentified] and considered the case closed.  


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