Form 97-AR
Date: Sat, 01 Oct 2005

From: Joan Woodward, Animal Reaction Specialist
Subject: Marcellus, New York, November 25, 1968

Cat: 4


Animal Reaction Feature:

An English Setter was traveling in an automobile with Elaine Pelchy and her 2-year-old son.  A little after 6 p.m., Pelchy saw 5 round, red blinking lights and noted static on the car radio.  The lights were about 100 feet in front of the car and moving SE.  The English Setter became very disturbed, “…crying, fighting, clawing.”  It vocalized (whining, barking, crying as if in pain), tried to get out the window, fell off the back seat, and tried to get into Pelchy’s lap.  Pelchy’s son also started crying but stopped when she told him to stop [possibly the son was crying because the dog was thrashing around—jw].  Then car began acting as if it had no power, as if it were running on 2 cylinders instead of 8.


The sighting:

As the car chugged along, the lights executed a U-turn now going NW and as they turned, they became a neon blue and white, and they continued to blink, but not in any sequence.  Moving fast now, they suddenly stopped and changed to a white, dome-shaped object with a “fluorescent star” next to it.  The object seemed to merge into the fluorescent star, which grew larger and brighter.  The witness kept driving and dropped her son off with her mother-in-law.


Mrs. Pelchy had two more encounters that night.


After dropping off her son, Mrs. Pelchy returned by the same route. In about the same location her car lost power and the dog became upset as before.  The witness saw a blinding, fluorescent light the size of a basketball, whose brightness she compared to a welding torch.  It had fuzzy lights around it.  The light varied from blinding to duller and seemed “to get smaller all the time.”  As the witness halted at a stop sign, the light performed a “zig zag circular motion.”


Arriving home, Mrs. Pelchy went back with a neighbor and they saw the object in front of their car at an estimated altitude of 100 feet zig-zagging like a bird looking for a place to land, and its shape changed to an inverted cone.  After watching a few minutes, the women went home with “qualmy stomachs.”


No sound was reported.  EM effects and possibly physiological effects (“qualmy” stomach) were reported.



Keyhoe, Donald E., and Gordon I. R. Lore, 1969, Strange Effects from UFOs, Washington, D.C., NICAP, pages 40-41 [copied below]

The U.F.O. Investigator, NICAP, Vol. IV, No. 10, February-March, 1969, p.3. [copied below]



Keyhoe, Donald E., and Gordon I. R. Lore, 1969, Strange Effects from UFOs, Washington, D.C., NICAP, pages 40-41:


                              E-M Effects, Animal Reaction Highlight Case


     At 6 p.m., November 25, 1968, Mrs. Elaine Pelchy dropped her husband at work in Marcellus, N.Y., then headed with her son to the home of her mother-in-law, Mrs. Oliver Pelchy.  The elder Mrs. Pelchy was to babysit while Mrs. Pelchy returned home to pack Christmas toys.  She was to take the Lee-Mulroy Road route, which included a left turn on Route 174, a right turn on Route 20 and a final left turn on Amber Road.

     After covering about half of the distance on Route 174, both mother and son saw approximately five round, red blinking lights.

     “Then our car radio got very static,” Mrs. Pelchy wrote NICAP.

     The witness said the UFO was approximately 100 feet in front of the car and heading southeast.  Then her English setter “started crying, fighting, clawing, first to get out the window, then in my lap, covering his eyes and ears, falling off the back seat ….”  Her two-year old son also began crying, but was quiet after a stern command from his mother.  Then the car began “acting up—like it no longer had power and might be running on two cylinders instead of eight.  To say the least, I was all over the road … and chugging along.”

     The object executed a U-turn and headed rapidly back toward the northwest.  As it turned, the lights changed to a blinking blue and white color “like in a pattern as in a neon light, but not in sequence.”  Mrs. Pelchy said, as it turned, it moved “faster than I had ever seen anything travel.”

     Suddenly, the UFO stopped and appeared to change to a white, dome-shaped object with an object like a “fluorescent star” next to it.  The larger object seemed to merge into the “star” and disappear.  The “star” grew “larger and brighter.”  Mrs. Pelchy kept observing the object between the hills and trees.

     “At first I was calm, then apprehensive about having my son and dog involved,” she admitted.  “Then I was frightened and tense and couldn’t wait to get safely home.”

     After the witness dropped her son off, she returned via the same route.  She was at the approximate location of the initial observation.

     “I had the feeling that someone was looking over my shoulder when again the car repeated the action of losing power and [the] dog stated to cry as if in pain again and go through the previous business, whining, barking, etc.,” Mrs. Pelchy reported.  “I looked over my left shoulder.  The devil couldn’t have startled me more than this huge, bright fluorescent light the size of a basketball this time….If you looked at it directly it would have been blinding, like a welding torch.  It also had these fuzzy lights around it.”

     The New York housewife said the UFO got “brighter, then duller, then brighter, then blinding” as it also got smaller.  The witness halted at a stop sign and watched as the UFO performed “a zig zag circular motion.”  [see note regarding The U.F.O. Investigator coverage of this sighting at the end of this article—jw]

     When she arrived home, Mrs. Pelchy called Mr. and Mrs. William King, who also witnessed the phenomenon.  Then she called her next door neighbor, Mrs. Betsy Paranteau, who accompanied her back to the area of the sighting.

     Again the object was spotted in front of the car and at an approximate altitude of 100 feet.  It zig zagged “as a bird looking for a place to light.”  It also appeared to change shape to an “inverted cone.”

     “After watching a few more minutes and not seeing the light disappear, we came home with qualmy stomachs,” Mrs. Pelchy stated.  “I would rather escape the whole episode by putting it out of my mind, but the fact is that something very mysterious did happen….I’ll not be driving on that road or area alone at night.”

     The witness reported that a Lakeland woman, Joan Nagen, and her husband saw “unusual moving lights” at 7:15 p.m. that same evening, at about the same time Mrs. Pelchy and Mrs. Paranteau returned home.


                                                E-M Waves Researched


     Prof. Clyde E. Ingalls, of Cornell University, has conducted experiments and research showing that electro-magnetic (E-M) waves can be “heard.”  (See The UFO Investigator, November-December, 1965, p. 5).

     “It appears,” Prof. Ingalls stated, “that this takes place by direct stimulation of the nervous system, perhaps in the brain, thus by-passing the ear and much of the associated hearing problem.

     The Cornell scholar used a radar beam in his human experiments.  By immersing himself in the edge of the beam, the subject could “hear” the radar.  It was proved that the sound apparently by-passed the ear and was probably picked up by the brain’s nervous system, originating, in most cases, a few feet above the head.

     By use of screening tests, it was established that the radar could be “heard” at a point above the forehead.  This, it appears, is proof that E-M waves do not use the normal auditory channels.

     We may speculate that animal reacting while a UFO was in the area did so as a result of “hearing” E-M waves emitted from the object.



The U.F.O. Investigator, NICAP, Vol. IV, No. 10, February-March, 1969, p.3:

The Investigator carried a less detailed version of the above report with one exception where the witness was quoted in slightly more detail as follows:


     Then she saw a huge light “the size of a basketball…”  It was “blinding like a welding torch” with “fuzzy lights around it.”  The UFO she said, would “get brighter, then duller, then brighter, then blinding, etc., but it seemed to get smaller all the time.”  It was also moving in a circle, zig-zagging.  [Italics are mine—jw]