Form 97-AR
Date: Sat, 01 Oct 2005

From: Joan Woodward, Animal Reaction Specialist
Subject: Silver Spring, Maryland, April 23, 1969
Cat: 4


Animal Reaction Feature:

This event took place at 2 a.m. on a farm.  A number of different types of animals reacted in a variety of ways. 


Barking and howling of dogs on the farm awoke the two witnesses.  A German Shepherd was noted to be barking in a series of short barks. 


Four cats were climbing up a screen door to the house, yowling and fighting.


At this point, the witnesses went out and saw a blue-white object moving beyond the barn.  When the object disappeared, the animals quieted.


The next morning, it was found that horses in the barn had gotten out of their tie-stalls and knocked harnesses off the walls.  A neighbor reported that their horses had also done similar damage inside the barn.


The sighting:

When the witnesses came outdoors, they saw an object estimated the size of two rooms, bluish-white “ the glow around a welder’s arc….”  It was moving beyond the barn going NNE.  Then they heard a humming noise and the object went “out like a light.”


There was no estimate of the object’s altitude or distance.  No EM or physiological effects were reported.



Keyhoe, Donald E., and Gordon I. R. Lore, Jr., 1969, Strange Effects from UFOs, Washington, D.C., NICAP, page 32 [Copied below]:


                                                     UFO Flies Over Farmyard


     It was 2 a.m., April 23, 1969, when Mrs. Virginia A. Guinn and a boarder were awakened by violent reactions from dogs and cats at her farm in Silver Spring, Md.  Most of the dogs were “barking and howling” but the boarder’s German Shepherd “was barking in a peculiar manner—a series of short barks.”  Outside, Mrs. Guinn’s four cats were climbing up the screen door, yowling and fighting, “something they had never done before.”

     Going outside, the witnesses saw a round UFO “as large as two rooms” that was “…bluish-white…like the glow around a welder’s arc… .”   The object was moving beyond the barn, toward the north-northeast.  Then the observers heard a humming noise and the object went “out like a light… .”  When the UFO disappeared, the animals quieted down.

     Mrs. Guinn discovered later that morning that the horses in the barn “had broken free of their …tie-stalls…and had knocked harnesses, etc., off the walls…”  She also said that a neighbor’s barn had been “torn up” by horses during the sighting.

     Karl T. Pflock, Chairman of NICAP’s Capitol Area Subcommittee, investigated the report.