Form 97-AR
Date: Monday, 02 Jan 2006

From: Joan Woodward, Animal Reaction Specialist
Subject: Owego NY, October 19, 1973

Cat: 4


Animal Reaction Feature:

At 5:45 AM two farmers, LH and SO, 25 and 16, were at work, SO in the barn and the LH outdoors.  LH was in the process of bringing cows in for milking. He was 20 feet from the barn when a red/blue domed object appeared over the barn, passing over his head and then over a 250 x 450 yard pasture containing five cows.  The object was apparently not traveling fast.  As the object passed over the five cows, they ran in all directions, two of them breaking through a barbed wire fence to the S and one breaking through the fence to the N, sustaining injuries.


It took until 11 AM to get these cows into the barn for milking, and their milk production for that day was less than normal. A Deputy Sheriff White was called at 6:15 AM, and reported observing that the cows were upset when he arrived.   Because these animals remained spooky, they were left in the barn for a few days, before being turned out into the field again.


[It would have been interesting to know if any cows were inside the barn with SO and if so, if they reacted as the object moved the barn roof.—jw.]


The Sighting:

The weather conditions were calm, clear, with stars visible.  Temperature was 50 degrees. [The moon was a waning crescent with 42% illumination, and its altitude was 55-56 degrees in the SE sky.  The sighting took place an hour before first pre-dawn light that would have occurred 6:54 AM (USNO).—jw]


LH was rounding up the cattle. He was 20 from the barn and facing it (looking west) when he saw an object coming over the barn and moving east.  The object had a fire engine red body and a blue dome on top [suggesting the object must have been glowing as it was fully dark—jw].  LH estimated the object was 200 feet above the 50-60 foot top of the barn.  When the object moved over his head, LH could see no color or lights. He heard no sound.


LH called SO to come outside as the object, still at an estimated altitude of 250 feet, moved over the pasture with the cows (described above), and was now estimated to be 200 yards away.  Both witnesses observed the object, and both though it was spinning.  The blue dome and red body at no time pulsated, changed shape, or gave off rays.  They watched the object, moving west to east, until it disappeared over a rise at the eastern end of the pasture.


A radio was playing inside the barn during the event.   Neither witness remembers if there was any interference.


The duration of the sighting was given as 5 minutes [which may be an overestimate but suggests the object was moving slowly—jw]


A Deputy verified the witnesses and cows were upset, and thought something unusual had occurred.  Sheriff’s Department contacted local airports about air traffic.  The report was negative.


No sound, no physiological effects, no EM effects were reported.



The A.P.R.O. Bulletin, v. 23, no. 2, September-October 1974, “Close Encounter in New York’ by Douglas Dains, p. 1, 3 [copied below]:


The A.P.R.O. Bulletin, vol. 23, no. 2, September-October 1974, p. 1, 3.

Close Encounter In New York, by Douglas Dains


     On October19, 1973 at 10:00 a.m. EDT, I received a report of a possible landing of a UFO on the farm of Stanley Wishinsky in Owego, New York.  I dispatched Mr. Hand Addison, who assists me on such investigations, to obtain a preliminary report.  Mr. Addison’s report contained enough information to warrant a further investigation, although no landing had occurred as the initial report stated.

     On October 22, 1973, my wife and I arrived on the farm of Mr. Wishinsky and asked to talk to the two principal witnesses, Mr. Lincoln (Link) Howe, 25 years old, of Rt.#96, Owego, N.Y., and Stanley Olkowski, 16 years old, who resides at the residence of Stanley Wishinsky.



     Mr. Howe reported that while he was in the process of rounding up the cattle for morning milking (0545 a.m. EDT), he noticed a blue and red object coming over the  barn heading east.  Mr. Howe was approximately 20 feet from the barn facing west and estimates the object to have been about 200 feet above the barn.  The barn is approximately 50 to 60 feet high at its highest point.  The object had a fire engine red body with a dark blue dome on top and Mr. Howe estimates the size of the object as that of a plate held at arm’s length.  After watching the object for approximately 5 minutes as it passed over his head (no color or lights could be seen under the object), Mr. Howe called Stanley Olkowski, who was in the barn at the time doing chores, to come out and see the object.  At this point, it was approximately 200 yds. from the witnesses and at the same height of 250 to 260 feet.  Mr. Olkowski estimates that when he saw the object, it was about the size of a silver dollar at arm’s length.  Both men said that the object game them the impression it was spinning but the object’s blue dome and red body at no time pulsated, gave off rays, changed shape, etc.  There was no noise from the object.  As the object passed over, five cows, which were still in the pasture, began to run in all directions.  Two of them jumped a four-foot barbed wire fence on the south end of the pasture tearing it down as they did.  Another ran through the north fence, sustaining a cut to the right side of her udder and a large cut to the left frontal portion of her head.  Note: the pasture is approximately 250 yds. by 450 yds.  It took both men until 11:00 a.m. to get the cows into the barn for milking.  The object itself was lost to sight as it went over the rise on the east end of the pasture.  The witnesses claim they have never had any trouble before getting the cows in for milking.  All cows gave milk that day but not as much as they normally would.  Since the sighting, the men have had a hard time getting these five cows in the barn.  As a result, they planned to leave them inside for a few days before letting them out again in hopes that they will come in more easily, as was the case prior to the sighting.  Mr. Howe and Mr. Olkowski were reluctant at first to report the sighting but decided they had better call the Tioga County sheriff to investigate.  These cows are worth about $800 each and they didn’t want a recurrence of this incident.


     The Tioga county sheriff received the initial report at 6:15 a.m., October 19, 1973.  Deputy Edward R. White was dispatched to the Wishinsky farm to investigate.  I interviewed Deputy White on October 24, 1973.  He stated that when he arrived at the farm of Mr. Wishinsky, the two witnesses related their story to him of the UFO.  Deputy White noted that the cows were quite upset as were the witnesses.  He drove down Gary Hunt Road and stopped his car at the bend in the road.  He said that he thought he heard something so he rolled down his window and listened.  What he heard were two dogs at a nearby farm house which is east of the pasture where the sighting took place.  Both dogs, one hound and one German shepherd, were barking and howling.  Deputy White thought that it was unusual that the hound dog wasn’t chasing anything such as a rabbit.  “Usually when a hound dog is as upset as this dog was, he would be chasing something, but both dogs just stood there barking and carrying on and both were facing east.”  This is the direction which the object was reported to have departed.  There were no lights on at the farm where the dogs were.  The Deputy presumed the occupants of this farm were not up yet.  Further investigation revealed that the residents of this farm did hear the dogs and thought it was unusual but they didn’t bother to investigate.

     Deputy White told me that he believes something unusual did occur on the farm of Mr. Wishinsky that morning but just what it was he couldn’t say.  He did state, however, that he believes the witnesses did see something unusual as both men were quite upset.



     Witness Lincoln (Link) Howe, Age 25, Occupation  farmer.  Education: 12th grade.  Vision: 20/20 without glasses.  Mr. Howe has had no military training.  He has had no previous experience with UFOs.  He has read only newspaper accounts of UFO sightings.

     Witness Stanley Olkowski, age 16, Occupation farmer.  Education: Quit school at the 10th grade level.  Vision: 20/20 with glasses.  He has read some books on UFOs but has never seen any UFOs prior to this sighting.



     There were no physical effects to the witnesses other than the normal trauma in such cases.  Both witnesses seemed sincere and very cooperative.  Both witnesses gave their permission to use their names in relation to this report.  The Tioga County Sheriff’s Department personnel were very cooperative, helping to obtain pertinent information.

     As for the height and size of the object, I believe this was much closer to witnesses than reported and possibly the object was tilted slightly when first observed.  I also don’t believe the witnesses fully understood the arm’s length concept of measurement. 

1.      The temperature was 50 degrees, calm, clear with stars.

2.      Airport check made by the Sheriff’s Dept. of Broome County and Tioga County airports came up with negative results of any aircraft in the area at the time of the sighting.

3.      There was a radio playing inside the barn at the time of the sighting but neither witness could remember if there was any interference at that time. 

4.      Mr. Howe told me that around 8:00 a.m. on the day of the sighting, there was a helicopter flying around the area.  A check of this came up with negative results.

5.      The IBM plant of Owego is approximately four miles from the area where the object was reported.  This would be southeast of the Wishinsky farm.  There are also a number of railroad tracks within a five-mile area.


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