Form 97-AR
Date: Saturday, 04 Feb 2006

From: Joan Woodward, Animal Reaction Specialist
Subject: Rockdale TX, 1984

Cat: 4


Animal Reaction Feature:

On a farm 7 miles outside of town, the witness and three family members were sitting outside at night accompanied by two Australian Shepherds.  These dogs were described as extremely aggressive toward strangers, one having bitten several times and the other’s aggressive display made people afraid to get out of their cars until the dog was controlled. 


The dogs suddenly raced off into a nearby pasture, and a noise was heard, possibly as they killed a rabbit. [The witness states these were not hunting dogs and he did not know of them hurting other animals. Although Australian Shepherds are herding dogs, they have strong prey drive, and killing a rabbit is not hard to imagine.—jw]   The witness called the dogs, and they came “charging back” and got behind him.  Thinking a bull in the pasture might be chasing them, the witness looked in the direction from which the dogs had come and saw a slowly rotating red light a few feet off the ground, 50 feet away, and illuminating everything in its path.  As the witness watched the red light, neither dog barked or growled, very unusual for these dogs. 


The Sighting:

As the witness, joined by other family members, stood watching the rotating red light, he could see the trees and grass being illuminated, but he could see nothing supporting the light.  The light went out, and as they started to return to the house, the light reappeared farther away, near the barn.  As the witness walked in that direction, the light went out again and reappeared 100-200 yards away out in a field where it disappeared for the final time, not to be seen again.  


No EM effects and no physiological effects were reported.  The only sound reported was the cry after the Aussies raced off into the pasture.


This family farm has a history of strange lights.  The above report was an add-on to a NUFORC report (see link below) of an event in early summer 1975 (?), when 3-4 horizontal rows of red lights were observed on or near the ground about ¼ mile away by this family.   The family’s grandfather told of chasing lights on muleback as a youngster. 



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