Date:  4 April 2006

From:  Joan Woodward, Animal Reaction Specialist

Subject:  MacMillan Pass, NWT/Yukon Border, Canada, Mid July 1988

Category:  4

To:  Francis Ridge, NICAP Site Coordinator


Animal Reaction Feature:

Three men were transporting horses in a high-sided, open topped truck to the MacMillan Pass summit. Arriving in the afternoon at the unloading site, one of the men took his camera and walked 600 feet or so away to take a photograph of mountains to the south.  As he looked through the viewfinder he heard an extremely loud fluttering sound approaching from behind and above. 


After getting a photograph of the object, the witness ran toward the truck.  The horses, not yet unloaded, were panicked. They were trying to jump out of the truck, and the two “outfitters” were desperately trying to calm them and to keep them from injuring themselves.  Eventually the horses did calm.  The outfitters did not see the unknown object, but commented that they had never before seen the horses react in this way.


The Sighting:

When the witness heard the loud sound approaching behind and above him (putting the unknown about 600-700 feet from the horses), he kept one eye on the viewfinder and caught a glimpse of the object passing above him out of the corner of his other eye. Then, almost instantly, he caught the object in the viewfinder as it rapidly flew over the valley in front of him.  It appeared to slow, and he snapped a picture.  The object wavered and turned to the right and accelerated.  It became silent as it changed direction.  It disappeared into the distance flying up the valley.


Martin Jasek analyzed the photograph, which shows an object with a domed top and a rectangular-looking bottom.*   Jasek’s calculated angular size of the object in the photograph is 0.28° (0.55 moon diameter).


Duration of the sighting was in seconds.  The unknown’s altitude when over the witness’s head was estimated as 1500-1800 feet. The peak visually nearest the unknown object (in the photograph) is about 4000 m (13,000 feet) away (email, Jasek to Woodward, March 22, 2006 and April 20, 2006).


No EM or physiological effects were reported.



Jasek, Martin, 2001, UFO Photographed at MacMillan Pass, Horses go Ballistic near the NWT/Yukon Border, Mid July 1988:  online at


*For an unknown with a similar description, see Des Plains IL, Feb. 28, 2006 at



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