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Woodland, WA
Jan. 27, 1998 

17 Dec 2005
Animal Reaction Specialist, Joan Woodward:

At 7:30 PM, a woman and her 10-year-old daughter saw a triangular-shaped object approach and hover over their rural property.   They noted that the horses, poultry and dogs in the area became still. One dog sat and stared up toward the object.  All animals resumed normal activities when object had departed.

The sighting took place in a rural area 4-5 miles ESE from Woodland WA.   [Elevation at the sighting area is about 450 feet and the topography in the nearby area varies from 400 to almost 700 feet.  The area is located ~6 miles east of the Columbia River and is west of the Cascade Mountains.  At the time of the sighting, it was fully dark, sunset was at 5:10 PST and twilight ended at 5:42 PM.  The moon was new and, in any event, had set at 4:59.—jw.]  Duration of the sighting was 2 minutes. 

A triangular-shaped object with a teal colored light at each point approached from the south flying below the cloud cover*.   The object glowed alternately red to orange on a 1-second interval cycle.  It hovered directly over the witness’s property, and one teal light went out.  It then flew straight up, paused, and flew off fast to the NE.

[*The only hourly weather reports available near the sighting area were from Pearson Field Airport, located 19 miles due south and on the Columbia River floodplain.  At 7:53 PM this weather station recorded broken clouds at 11,000 feet and calm surface wind with no wind direction indicated.—jw] N<>o sound, no EM effects, and no physiological effects were reported.

Source: National UFO Reporting Center




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