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Brandywine, Maryland
July 26, 2002

Animal Reaction Feature: 
At 1:30 AM and again at 1:40 AM, Gary Dillman working a late-night security shift saw a glowing orange object being pursued by a military fighter.  The pursuit took place between broken clouds at about 4,000 feet and a light overcast at about 6,000 feet and the unknown object and fighter were estimated to be 1 to 2 miles away.  Although the engine of the fighter could be heard, Gary could detect no sound from the orange object.  Two dogs were in Gary’s vicinity during these pursuits.  One was a part-pit-bull female, shy and sweet to people but who will bark at people when they are at a distance and who will chase cars.  The second was a chained part-chow male who has a reputation of biting (actually grabbing trouser legs) and who is an excellent alarm dog frequently hearing and alerting to activity near the main gate ¼ of a mile away.  Both dogs have good eyesight, great hearing, and are accustomed to aircraft from Andrews AFB flying overhead.  In this case, neither reacted in any way to the orange object/fighter pursuit.

Joan Woodward, Animal behavior specialist:
The orange object was described as hard-edged, more like glowing metal than like a light source, and its shape varied from round to ellipse as it flew a curved path while being followed by a military fighter.  Duration of the sighting was 10-15 seconds both at 1:30 and 1:40, and the travel path was similar both times.   The witness is a retired policeman and this was his first report of an unidentified object.

A second military jet pursuit of an unknown occurred during this same time period in Waldorf, Maryland, about 8-9 miles from Brandywine.  That witness, Renny Rogers, had two pet collies, but they were indoors and not observed during his sighting.

No EM effects or physiological effects were reported.

The animal behavior aspects are written from my original notes from this investigation. They were not published as part of the final report.—J. Woodward

Woodward, Joan, 2002-2003, The Washington, D.C., Jet Chase of July 26, 2002, The International UFO Reporter, Vol. 27, No. 4, pages 3-7 and 22-25.

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