Lore, Gordon I. R. Jr., and Harold H. Deneault, Jr., 1968, Mysteries of the Skies, N.J., Prentice-Hall, Inc., pages 148-149:

     Like Humans, animals have reacted to the close approach of one of these strange vehicles.

     In October 1946, Dolores Benante, a medical laboratory technician, was riding horseback in a wooded area, then called the Preakness Mountain section, overlooking Paterson, New Jersey.  The area is now completely developed with homes.

     It was about one-half or three quarters of an hour past sundown, and a half moon was showing in a very clear sky.  From her vantage point, the entire city sprawled below her, and opposite her, about five miles away, stood Garrett Mountain.

     “An extremely bright object, “ circular and bluish white, which she first thought to be “an airliner with its headlights on,” came out of the south.  “It moved slowly north and seemed to be perhaps 300 to 500 feet above Garrett Mountain,” Miss Benante said.  “… it stopped and just seemed to hover in one position for approximately thirty or forty seconds and then again sent slowly forward.  There was no apparent sound.  It slowly went directly forward and then disappeared abruptly.”

     As nearly as she could judge, the sighting lasted a minute or two.

     “The horse I was riding was usually extremely docile and calm,” Miss Benante said.  “When this incident occurred, she became extremely nervous and reared.  I often wonder if she had heard something undetected by my human ears.”

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