Gribble, Bob, 1988, Looking Back
MUFON UFO Journal, no. 238, February 1988, page 21:

[Only the part of the article concerning AR report for February 15, 1963, Willow Grove Australia is presented here:]

     On the 15th, an Australian dairy farmer named Brew observed an object about 25 feet wide that looked like a thick disc.  “It was battleship grey in color and appeared to have a band of glass or plastic around the circumference and a number of protrusions that looked like scoops.”  The incident occurred about 7 AM when the farmer and his son were milking their cows.  When Brew glanced outside at the sky, he spotted an object coming down at a slow rate of speed to a height of 75 to 100 feet.  “I thought it was going to land but it suddenly shot off in a westerly direction and disappeared into a cloud.”  Although Brew’s son did not see the object, he heard the pulsating, whooshing sound the disc made as it revolved overhead.  The whole incident lasted only a matter of seconds, but it was long enough to send Brew’s horse and herd of cows into a panic.  After the incident Brew admitted that he had laughed at people who said they saw such things.