Billings Gazette, Jan. 20, 1967, Billings, Montana


‘Saucers’ Flying the Big Sky?

   MALTA—They won’t call it a “flying saucer” or “space ship,” but Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred Tremblay who farm about 40 miles south of Malta are certain they saw an object which defies natural explanation.
   A belated report of their experience was obtained by James Larcombe, editor of the Phillips County News.  He reports the Tremblays, home the night of Jan. 9, were alerted by the dog barking about 9 p.m.  Tremblay immediately saw what seemed to be alarming the dog.
   It was a large rectangular object, with glowing red light along the bottom and a large amber light at the top.  It was moving steadily from north to east, evidently at high speed.
   At first Temblay believed it was a truck on the main graded road which runs the same direction.  But the object covered the three or four mile stretch in less than a minute.
   The direction it seemed to travel didn’t exactly coincide with the road.  The night was very dark and quiet.  Normally trucks and vehicles on the road are clearly audible.  But the Tremblays didn’t hear a sound.
   In the short time the object was visible it was difficult to determine its size.
   In less than a minute the “thing” covered the eastern portion of the visible horizon, disappeared momentarily, then reappeared.  It had stopped and appeared to be standing in a field near the Bruce Long place just a short distance southeast of Tremblays.
     It then appeared as a red glowing object, not nearly as long as when first sighted.  This led the Tremblays to believe they were not watching the object from the front or rear.
   The object stayed in the same place about an hour.  During this time Tremblays viewed it through binoculars but still were unable to determine its size or shape.  The red glow was the distinguishing feature.
   After watching about an hour, Tremlay saw the object suddenly begin to shrink, as if moving away at high speed.  Then suddenly it disappeared.
   All this time the object had been watched by Wilfred Tremblay, his wife and two children.  They admit to being a little frightened.  They debated among themselves whether to leave the house and investigate, but decided against it.  The Bruce Longs were not at home at the time.
   Next morning Tremblay, sighting from his house, located the area where the object stayed for an extended time.  He pinned down the location as a field east of the Long home and west of the main graded road.  He checked this area carefully but found no tracks in the snow nor evidence of any kind there had been anything there.  “There were no tracks, no signs, nothing,” according to Temblay.
   Mr. and Mrs. Temblay, talking with a reported this week, still had no idea what they had seen.
   Tremblay said he didn’t realize how excited people would get over the happening, but “if I had to do it over again I still wouldn’t go out and investigate the thing when it was parked.  Not at night at least—maybe in the daytime.”
   Several aspects of the sighting make it hard to determine what it was.  It was dark that night and the horizon was not definite.  Whether the object was on the ground when first sighted is hard to determine.  Its speed and the fact there were no headlights seen seem to rule out land vehicles.  Not knowing how far away the object was makes it hard to determine size.  The Tremblays said when they watched it through the binoculars after it landed, it “took up a good part of the field of view through the glasses.”
   The Tremblays’ two children, home, Karen, 9, and George, 13, were excited by the affair.  Wilfred says George was inclined to go out and investigate the object after it became stationary.  But he vetoed the idea.
   “We recently saw a television interview with people who said they had close contact with a flying saucer of some sort. It left enough doubt in our minds that we didn’t think it wise to check it out closely.”

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