Keyhoe, Donald E., and Gordon I. R. Lore, Jr., 1969, Strange Effects from UFOs, Washington, D.C., NICAP, pages 41-42:

Horse, Wagon Overturned on UFO Encounter

     Scores of Ohio River valley residents reported seeing a huge object flying up the river.  Lewis Summers, owner and operator of Summers Pharmacy, New Haven, West Virginia, told NICAP that he first saw the UFO, as “big as a C-45 airplane,” at about 500 feet altitude at approximately 8:45 p.m., April 17, 1967.

     Summers got into his car and followed the object along Route 33 until it “crossed the highway about one-half mile ahead of me and disappeared behind the hills.”  The UFO circled, however, and headed back toward the witness.  It was emitting two large beams of light to the ground from its bottom.  Again, the UFO turned toward the river and Summers continued following.

     “I stopped the car and flashed the headlights off and on several times,” the registered pharmacist stated.  “The spotlights [on the craft] also were turned off and on several times, but I do not know whether they were answering my signals or not.”

     Meanwhile, three miles to the north, a young boy in a pony-drawn wagon broke his glasses when the animal bucked upon seeing the UFO, wrecking the wagon.  The youngster’s father did not believe his son’s story until the horse was found “with its feet sticking straight up.”  The animal reported suffered no lasting ill effects, however.

     A Summers employee, Mrs. Lewis Capehart, also saw the object and reported that her two German shepherd dogs strongly reacted.  One of the animals “broke the chain with which it was tied.”  Mrs. Capehart sent a sketch of the object to NICAP.

     While Summers was following the UFO, Louis Ellis, working at the Vanadium Corporation of America new New Haven, also saw it.  He said it stopped, hovered, then reversed and passed overhead at 400 or 500 feet altitude.  Bright lights were shining from the windows or portholes and “there was also a row of red lights around the object.”

     In Middleport, Ohio, just across the Ohio River, several witnesses, including Sheriff Robert C. Hartenbach, also saw it.  It had “a bright yellow light” and “feeder-type objects protruding off its main part.”

     Summers also reported that there was electro-magnetic interference to television sets in the area.

     Radio Station WMPO reportedly received hundreds of calls from witnesses.

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