The U.F.O. Investigator (NICAP), Vol. IV, No. 1, May-June 1967, p. 6:

New Haven, WV

     Hundreds of people in and around the small town of New Haven, West Virginia, reportedly saw a UFO on the evening of April 17.  Lewis Summers, a registered pharmacist and owner of his own pharmacy, submitted the report via letter and telephone.

     Summers said the huge craft was first seen flying up the Ohio River at about 500 feet altitude around 8:45 p.m.

     “When I realized that it was coming across the Ohio River,” Summers stated, “I jumped into my car and drove about three-quarters of a mile to get nearer.  The object crossed the highway about one-half mile ahead of me and disappeared behind the hills.”

Reaction to Light?

     As the witness continued to drive, however, the UFO circled around and was heading straight toward him.  Two huge beams of light were being projected toward the ground from searchlights on the bottom.  The UFO then turned back toward the river and Summers followed until he “was in a position where the craft would pass overhead.”

     I stopped the car and flashed the headlights off and on several times,” the observer continued.  “The spotlights also were turned off and on several times, but I do not know whether they were answering my signals or not.”

     When the craft passed over his car, Summers said he heard a jet also flying overhead.  The UFO moved across the sky at the relatively slow speed of 100 m.p.h.

     “One farmer said the craft stopped above a field on his farm and shined its lights down,” the witness remarked.  “Said lights were reported to be too bright to look at close up.”

     Three miles north of Summers’ position, a small boy who had a pony hitched to a wagon was slightly injured when the animal bucked at seeing the object, wrecking the wagon and breaking the youngster’s glasses.  The boy’s father refused to believe that his son had seen a UFO until he (the father) found the pony on its back “with its feet sticking straight up.”

     Mrs. Lewis Capehart, who works at the Summers Pharmacy, reported that her two German shepherd dogs “howled and barked” as the strange craft flew overhead and “one broke the chain with which it was tied.”  Mrs. Capehart submitted a drawing of the object she saw to NICAP.  The sketch shows a large ball of light with two rows of four porthole-like openings each on two cone-shaped protuberances sticking out from the sides of the white ball.

     “Two reliable people told me their TV sets reacted with severe interference at this time,” Summers added.

     Numerous people along the West Virginia-Ohio border reported seeing the object.  Hundreds of calls were received the next day by Radio Station WMPO.  According to Summers, the station called the Air Force bases and airports in the area.  None reported any aircraft in the area at the time. 

     Meanwhile, across the river in Middleport, Ohio, Sheriff Robert C. Hartenbach and several others saw the object that emitted “a bright yellow light” and had “feeder-type objects protruding off its main part,” thus conforming with Mrs. Capehart’s drawing.  The sheriff, whose sighting was reported to the Pomeroy, Ohio, Daily Sentinel, said he saw the UFO at the same time that Summers first observed it.

     Still another report to NICAP came from Louis Ellis, who also saw the UFO at the same time in Middleport.  The witness was working late at his job in the personnel office of the Vanadium Corporation of America when he saw the object moving toward the southeast.

     “It suddenly stopped,” Ellis said, “possibly two minutes, then reversed its direction without turning and came directly over me at . . . 400 or 500 feet.”

    The observer said he saw bright lights coming from the windows on the protuberances.

     “There was also a row of red lights around the object,” he stated, “but at no time did they blink or change color.”

     The UFO moved slowly over the plant, seeming, at times, “like it might stall.”  It disappeared at 8:40 p.m.

     We are awaiting further developments and first-hand accounts on this sighting.

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