The U.F.O. Investigator (NICAP), Vol. IV, No. 1, May-June 1967, p. 3:

Beam Spotlights Witness

     Between the first and second Oosterdag observations, a woman driving through the Rexdale section of Toronto said she saw an oval object near a ravine of tall trees.  Mrs. Betty Cassar, a real estate agent, phoned NICAP to state that, at 9 p.m., she and the occupants of three other cars saw the shiny UFO with a band of three red and two green lights around the middle.  She said it appeared to be about 15 feet tall and was hovering just above tree-top level.  It then dropped 10 feet, at which time the witness got scared and drove away.

     Just over 48 hours earlier, a witness in another section of Ontario reported in a letter that she and a dog were bathed in a bright light from a UFO.

     Mary Ellen Roberts stated that, at 8:30 p.m., April 26, she was returning home from a school lecture in St. Catherines when she saw a “flashing red light in the sky.”  Thinking that it was a helicopter, she listened intently for a noise, but could discern none.

     “At about this point,” Miss Roberts said, “I noticed the neighbor’s dog sitting very quietly. . . looking up into the sky.  We were both very still and the object came lower.”

     The UFO, flashing a red light, was intensely bright, not enabling the witness to make out a shape.  Then the red light stopped flashing and turned green.  Soon after this a beam of light was shot down from the object.  The animal was completely engulfed in the bright glow and Miss Roberts was at its edge.

     “The light was only the duration of. . . a flash,” she continued.  “The object began to flash green and then turned a whitish-yellow.”

     Miss Roberts said the UFO then moved off toward the southeast at times hovering, banking swiftly or drifting along slowly, “always with this changing of lights from flashing red to solid to green to the yellowish, but not in any particular order. . .”

     The sighting lasted about 30 minutes.

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